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YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2 Completed
* MC season-2 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2001
Final: [tm v duff] June 17
* |tm| fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF Season-14
Week-5: [june 3]
* AFC season-13 Champions !
* BBC season-13 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-8
Week-4: [june 3]
* DS season-7 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners ! (s6 cup cancelled)

NSL Q2CTF Nations league ...
* Finland reigning Champions ! (2000) [i]

ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Season-4
Ladder Season Running (Started: May 7 2001)
* BBQ CL Season3 Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring Cup 2001 Completed
* IQS spring 2001 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-4 Completed
s4 Cup part-1 completed, Part-2 [june 3]
* SS season-4 Champions !
* SS s3-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-2 completed
* Cx Midweek-Tournament-2 Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5
Week-11: [June 3-4]
* IQS season-4 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-2
Week-3 [June 5] CCTF4 (league 1 week behind)
* TAWM Season-1 Champions !
* TAWM pre-season1 CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1 Completed
* mTw season-1 Champions !

Savage Euro Q3CTF Season-1

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  Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague
 Saturday - June 2

      s2w2: nAo v oG
nAo v oG (game2)
oG-Melkior & oG-Gramps defending their flag against aggresive nAo attackers...
      SavageUK United Kingdom Q3CCTF

Q3CCTF Season-2|Week-2
Woooot, I forgot to post this item earlier :)

Last tuesday week2 of season2 was played in Savage's q3CCTF league... The calender said week3 but the league is one week behind on schedule, anyway.... Warscenery was Q3CCTF6 'Twisted Base'... unlike last season when only one map was played this season 2 games of 20 minutes each on the same map are played [the rules section says 'A match consists of one 30-minute game'... this is not correct ;)] ....

You can find demos of the nAo v oG games (nAo-Diabolic fov) here:
| [Game-1] | [Game-2] |

For a full overview of results and season fixtures go here : SavageUK|Q3CCTF

Savage League

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ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   Spring 2001         ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   Spring 2001
 Friday - June 1






      ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring 2001 News

[IQS v CN] | Final between Champions
IQS Victorious !

Reigning Barrysworld Champions [IQS]International Quake Squad took over the Clanbase Q3CTF CUP by defeating last cup winners [CN]Chopstick Ninja's ...

Congratulations IQS :)
CTF Observer [Hall of Fame] Updated :)

[IQS]Furax: I always thought we would lose that match ... as CN even didn't lost a single map before this final even against Cx ! But it seems IQS practice those last week was usefull and really hepled to improve our team play ! And team play was the way to win against such a clan as CN as they all have very nice skill !

[IQS v CN]: 6-2
 wctf3: Draw 1-1
 wctf1: IQS win 2-1
 ctf3: Draw 0-0
 japanctf: IQS win 7-1

| Demos: [IQS v CN] @ ClanBase: [here]
Final: IQS v CN IQS v CN
|Clan Links|   Previous Cup...
  The previous Cup (Spring-2000) was won by CN they defeated Clan E in the final, IQS finished third...
| See also CTF Observer: [December 4-10 2000]

Exclusive Review by: [IQS]Furax:

On the first map wctf3 my computer was pretty fucked I donno why and I get something like 30 fps .. what isn t really nice to play a final :/ Cause of it I get killed many time and defense was often overrun and cause of that attackers had to fall back a lot and we couldn t play and agressive game ! Cn managed with the rush attacks to do the first capture ! After that vipere1 could bring flag to midfield where we all went to help him, he died and I picked the flag but got killed on our jumpad when i was at 2metter to capture and tie :/ Couple of minute later same thing happened vipere1 managed to bring flag at midfield during a CN rush. Defense could keep base safe and after that come to midfield to help him this time he go nice escort till the flag and manage to tie ! 1-1

Second map wctf1 (iqs choose) : we practiced a lot on that map last days and we though it would be a good choose against CN who didn t really played it recently. As usual they attacked with 4 peoples and many of us get killed at midfield ! The pup at midfield was a great fight ! I think CN got as much quad as IQS but couldn t go that far with it ! Except once for Cn where they managed to cap with it :/ IQS could do 2 capture and win cause of the great team play and assist to their flag carrier in place of going to recover nmy flag carrier we always went to help our ! and when we were taking the way to our base we killed 2 times the nmy in it and did 2 captures like that !

Third map ctf3 (cn choose) : ctf3 is really a shit map imo ... with such a level of skill and team play it's almost impossible to capture and that's what happened :/ score 0-0

Fourth map japan ctf (iqs choose) : we played this map many time this week for BW league etc ... and we get some nice result on it so decided to choose that one ! CN aren't used to play that one and hate that map as much it was a really nice and exciting game !

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[q3ctf cup]

Final: IQS v CN IQS v CN

  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Thursday - May 31

Newsflashes | Newsflashes | Newsflashes

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup [ ]

Cup Final [tm v duff] tonight ?
Last monday DUFF and ZP finished their final map (ctf5) in their semi-final... they had to replay their last map due to a missing admin earlier this month... well they did and DUFF goes trough to the Final where they meet reigning champions |tm|... so we have a all Scandinavian finale.
[clanbase]Oma: With the Swedish holidays going on it seems almost impossible to pick a date for the finals between |tm| and DUFF, but it looks like there's a good chance they will be played Thursday 22.15 cet.

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CTF Observer

  Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Wednesday May 30

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5

CN*Plop on the run
with SS's flag........
Week-10 - by Bigfoot @ BWQ3L-CTF
Week 10 went by fairly smoothly, Sunday was very quiet due to a combination of the SSS Cup and Div1 clans being at La6. Monday was hectic as ever and some key matches were played out, whilst some issues have been settled no titles have been won for certain yet and many promotion and relegation issues still have to be settled. Review up on QuakeNation later this week.

Division-1 - by |Ebola|
Reigning champs IQS and current league leader CN both won their games again and take full points... Both teams have the same amount of league-points but CN leads the ranking because of a better capture-ratio... In this weeks matches both teams only took 1 capture against but CN made 1 capture more then IQS so CN increased their lead (same points, better captureratio)....

Both CN and IQS have to replay 2 games from previous weeks but next week IQS and CN battle each other on wctf2 & wctf3 !

Q3CTF Demos: BarrysWorld FTP: [FTP Q3CTF]

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

February 18 2001

Belgium Europe
Quake Squad

  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Tuesday - May 29

Newsflashes | Newsflashes | Newsflashes

ChampionsLeague             [ ]

Summer Vacation Q2CTF Cup plans... - by |Ebola|
Now that the summer is coming closer MFG @ came up with the idea of a special Q2CTF Summer Cup... whats so special about that ? ... well listen to MFG:
This cup is special, because all players signed up canīt have fixed teams. I will make a random choice of the teams consisting of all the players signed up. Playing this way will make it more even and fun probably :P | [More @ | Forum]

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup [ ]

According to Lex @ the postponed Final between IQS & CN (see also CTF Observer May 7-13) will be played on Thursday May 31 at 20:00 CET... at the same time as the game Switserland v Germany... Due to this fact I have a feeling the ClanBase final will be rescheduled since they hope on a large amount of people in #clanbase.q3 with a live scorebot and GTV.

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