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Reports from the European QuakeCTF front

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[^] ClanBase Q3CTF IQS & CN are Finalists !
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[^] Barrysworld Q3CTF: Season5, Week7, Review
[^] ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Season-4 Started
[^] SavageUK Q3CTF [SS]SuicideSquad Champions !
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YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2 Completed
* MC season-2 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2001
* |tm| fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF Season-14
Week-2: [may 13]
* AFC season-13 Champions !
* BBC season-13 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-8
Week-1: [may 13]
* DS season-7 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners ! (s6 cup cancelled)

NSL Q2CTF Nations league ...
* Finland reigning Champions ! (2000) [i]

ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Season-4
Ladder Season Running (Started: May 7 2001)
* BBQ CL Season3 Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring Cup 2001
Final: [IQS v CN]
* CN fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-4 Completed
* SS season-4 Champions !
* SS s3-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-2
* Cx Midweek-Tournament-2 Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5
Week-8: [May 13-14]
* IQS season-4 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1 Completed
break... next is Season-2
* TAWM Season-1 Champions !
* TAWM pre-season1 CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1 Completed
* mTw season-1 Champions !

Savage Euro Q3CTF Season-1
SemiFinals: [May: ?]

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  ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP
 Saturday - May 12

Q3CTF C l a n B a s e
Q 3 C T F  C U P

IQS and CN to the Final - by |Ebola|

Last thursday IQS International Quake Squad and CN Chopstick Ninja's secured their place in the Final... IQS defeated clan E and CN defeated Cx in the semi-finals... Clan E played their last game and, according to Cx's website they stop CTF at the end of the Barrysworld Season...

Semifinal Match demos:
[IQS v E] @ ClanBase | IQS v E
[CN v Cx] @ ClanBase | CN v Cx

Final | ClanBase Q3CTF Cup | Final

[IQS v CN]
[ ]

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  Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Thursday May 10

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5

SS v Cx Week-7|Review - by Bigfoot @
Season 5 of the BarrysWorld Quake 3 Capture The Flag  League rolled into Week 7 with two very different maps.

The first, JAPANCTF, was introduced into the league last season and has become a firm favourite with a number of clans due to its frantic pace and unsual design. It's also been developed into a map for Q3F and also will be in the upcoming 3Wave compilation map pack.

The other was the very traditional, low scoring and just big Q3WCTF1, producing games which tested all aspects of clans abilities.

Read the full review here: [Week7|Review @ QuakeNation]

Picture [SS v Cx on JapanCTF]
A hot SS side took all 4 points off Cx. This result could have big implications in the final placings of the teams, with SS perhaps going to get weaker soon due to players leaving for exams Cx may have caught them at a bad time and perhaps on unfavourable maps, SS winning JAPANCTF comfortably and nicking WCTF1 with the only cap of the game. - Bigfoot @

Q3CTF Demos: BarrysWorld FTP: [FTP Q3CTF]

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

February 18 2001

Belgium Europe
Quake Squad

  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL
 Tuesday - May 8

CL/CLL | ChampionsLeague   

Ladder-Season-4 | On its way... - by |Ebola|

Yes thats right... A new season has started yesterday :)
The season is split into two parts:

Part-1: Ladder Season
First there will be the ladder-season... goal is to be as highly ranked as possible.

Part-2: Play-Offs
After the ladder-season the play-offs start:
10 teams will be allowed into the playoffs, they will be divided into two groups. The numbers ranging from 1 to 10 is the place where that specific team was ranked in the ladder when the regular season ended.

Playgrounds: the Maps
There are a few custom maps added to the competition, there will be played on the following maps: (custom maps shown in red)
| q2ctf1 | q2ctf2 | q2ctf3 | q2ctf5 | q2ctf05b | lfctf1 | sumactf6 |

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Random Shot CL/CLL Q2CTF ChampionsLeague
[ ]

season-3 2000-2001
Final @ April 8, 2001 [i]
Finland Sweden

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

  SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF
 Monday - May 7

      SavageUK Q3CTF | Season4

SS|Season4 Champions - by |Ebola|

SS SuicideSquad are Season-4 champions after defeating nEo in the final ! The scores were [SS 4-2 nEo] on map Q3CTF2 and [SS 2-1 nEo] on map Q3WCTF2... SS take over the championship from clan E (Observer: Savage s3). (source: Thor @ SavageUK)

SS also won the s3-Cup back in February (also against nEo in the final) (Observer: Savage s3 Cup).

Congratulations SS :)
CTF Observer [Hall of Fame] Updated :)

Final | SS v nEo |

After a successful season in Savage for both SS and nEo, the title was finally decided in a dramatic game. The atmosphere was brilliant with Scorebots, Winamp Radio commentating, and live coverage via GTV coupled with plenty of spectators all cheering. A few beers later and it was better than watching the football.

Anyway, our team did us proud and beat two games in a row to take the title. This meant even more to us because this was the last game for a number of our players who are retiring for exams and Real Life. Call this the last game of the Old Skool. For them, it made the whole season complete. Well done lads. - [SS]Apprentice @

Savage League
[ SavageUK | Q3CTF ]

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  SS v nEo | s4 Q3CTF Final
SS v nEo

Demos: [Download|FTP]
Note: In the demo I watched (ctf2) lots of players are invisible,
don't know why:)