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 Article Main Editor: Ebola October 27 - 2000  

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 Friday - October 27

        Article | The Rape of Q2CTF | by Ebola @ CTF Observer

Quake2 Capture the Flag, Q2CTF in short...
Q2CTF is a populair modification (mod) for Quake2... If Quake2 would be a sport then you can see a Q2 mod as a 'discipline' within that sport. The people who invented a certain discipline in sport define the characteristics of their discipline... how they intended the game to be played... the 'personality' of the game.

Same is true for Q2CTF... the makers of Quake2 and Q2CTF defined the 'personality' of the game... it's characteristics.

Most of you know that their have been, and are, people that changed these game characteristics by using auto-aim-tools, auto-quad-timers, item-timers etc, etc... what they do is change the game by using external programs that change game characteristics.
They make the game into another game.
They get extra options which are not in the original q2ctf or similair mod.
If these people would make a mod theirself including all the options they get by using their external programs and then get server-admins to run their mod and players to play their mod, then it would be ok. Then they would have created a new 'discipline'.

Oki... quake2 and q2ctf have certain build-in console commands which are part of the games 'personality'... these commands are there to be used by the game player, these commands are features of the game.

The 'play' command is such a feature in quake2... it's purpose is to give the user/player the option to play a .wav sound file of choice. Thats the reason why this command is in the game... same is true for all the other console commands which you can use in your own personal config.cfg file, like cl_particles 0 to remove rocket-smoke, railgun-beam, teleporter 'bubbles' etc.

Changing models, including changing player models into spiked-models for example, means changing the game... if one changes this then that person isn't playing q2ctf anymore... Same applies to player-model-skins... if you change the original quake2 or q2ctf player model skins to say full-bright skins you are not playing q2ctf anymore.
If you want to be able to see players more clear then you should try to find a console command which can do the job... gl_modulate 20 without using vid_restart (another build-in console command) will give you bright player skins and item skins... without changing the game characteristics.

Same goes for League/Cup organisers... if a particulair league allows the use of external programs that changes q2ctf characteristics then they should rename their league into something that reflects that...
say: "Q2CTF-EFL, Extra-Feature-league"... or 'Q2CTF-LFire-EFL' if they use the LFire mod. :)

The only legal external program which should be allowed by a certain league is one that checks for violations against the games-characteristics... say a proxie that CHECKS for modified player models... needless to say such a external program is not allowed to CHANGE any game characteristics otherwise it would violate the fair-play philosophy.

Clan KfK, author of the KfK-Timer should make their own mod... 'Q2KfKCTF', which can then be used by leagues/cups to start a competition for that particulair 'discipline'.

This applies to other Timer 'brands' too ofcourse... not only the KfK-Timer.