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[^] Flag'Em All Q2CTF: Lithuanian Q2CTF Tourney
[^] ClanBase Q2CTF: Cup Losers Final: [DTF v xL]
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|QuakeCTF|Reigning Champions|

Q3 Classic CTF
      Netherlands United Kingdom Sweden Norway Finland Denmark Iceland Italy Germany France Belgium

    Upcoming Competition Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2
Soon: [Brutal v MC] Championship Match
* Brutal season-1 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP b r e a k
* |tm| fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF season-12
week-6: [January 7]
* LE season-11 Champions !
* raGe season-11 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-6
Week-10 [January 7] (last round)
* DS season-6 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners !

NSL Q2CTF Nations league B r e a k
* Finland reigning Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP break
* CN fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-3 Finished...
* Clan E season-3 Champions !
* IQS s2-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-1 finished
Quarter finals: [December 21]
Semi finals & Final: [January 4]
* SS & IQS & CN Tournament-1 Group Winners!

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 4 Holiday Break
Week-5 [January 7-8]
* CN season-3 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1 Completed
* nAo Season-1 Champions !
* raGe beta99c CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1
Week-3: [December 12-24]
- First season European Quake3 CTF League

- Barrysworld
- CCL - Q3CCTF league
- Champions League
- ClanBase
- NQCTF / YM-League
- Savage UK
- Savage Euro Q3CTF
- Tears
- The History of CTF
- Rape of Q2CTF
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 Saturday - December 23

YM League II Netherlands Q1 NQCTF
source: YourMother @ nqctf

One match left... battle for the Championship.

Clan CN is dead and MC is also on the edge of becoming a member of the dead-clan-list.
And that's actually a weird situation since MC can become champion of the YM League II. They won their match against KOI and do now have 9 points, just like Brutal. So there will be one final match between Brutal and MC for the championship. If there is a draw after 2 maps then they must play CTF5 (no runes or other powerups) unless they can agree on a different map and settings.


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ClanBase Q2CTF CUP | Fall 2000 | News

That's all Folks!.... by Oma @

After 12 weeks of battle, Swedisch clan |tm|The Virial Theorem 1040 took over the title from DTF-Dutch Tactical Fighters. In the 2nd league fck took over first place from PDL.

Looking back at the Cup, we saw a lot of good matches in both leagues and i think, although there were some glitches, it has been a succesfull one. Ofcourse... it's a small Cup, some clans left, and there were some unconventional actions from the supervisor, but hey! it was our first international Q2CTF Cup, it was exciting, and we all learned from it.

ClanBase CB Q2CTF-Cup

Next Cup will start in January... Will raGe get their revenge? or will DTF strike gold again?....

  Interview with |tm|Fuel     Interview     Interview     Interview     Interview
 Friday December 22

I n t e r v i e w
| t m |F u e l
by Baal

Clan |tm|
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|tm| The Virial Theorem 1040 | Q2CTF
fuel | TGF | NiGhT | Fettson | Exq | Ronin | WeirD | corne | Mange | Sir | JooZ | Stereo | Ford | pmastah

  Flag'Em All     Lithuanian Q2CTF Tourney     Flag'Em All     Lithuanian Q2CTF Tourney     Flag'Em All
 Thursday December 21

Flag'Em All Lithuanian Q2CTF Tourney

Flag'Em All Tournament
Top picture:
Resource management in CTF1...
[STaB]Ferox & [STaB]Scuffler

Bottom Picture:
[B]SaSal1Ty defends the flag against quad powered [STaB]Eclipse...
Last Weekend | "Flag'em all" | Lithuanian Q2CTF Tourney | [demos]
- sources: [STaB]Eclipse @ & [Zoo]Scorpion @ zoo

Last weekend a two day Q2CTF Tournament took place in Vilnis, Lithuania... nine clans divided into two groups participated in the tournament to fight for the 'best CTF team of the year 2000' title... also a special match was played between Lithuania against Latvia [LT v LV].

 Group-A: [STaB] - Base - WWW.LV - [NLK]
 Group-B: [T.N.T] - [Zoo] - [ass] - [.] - [gM]

The first day, Saturday december 16, the groupmatches were played in where the clans battled it out for a place among the last four in the semi-finals on the second day (Sunday).

 [T.N.T] v Base : 3-5 Base wins (ctf5:2-2 / ctf5:1-3)
 [STaB] v [Zoo] : 7-7 STaB wins on frags (ctf1:5-5 / ctf3:2-2)

Losersfinal: (for third place)
 [T.N.T] v Zoo : 2-7 Zoo wins (ctf5:0-0 / ctf3: 2-7)

 [STaB] v Base : 14-2 STaB wins (ctf1: 12-1 / ctf5: 2-1)

special match
Lithuania v Latvia [LT v LV] Lithuania Latvia
The teams were formed with players from each participated clan in the tournament, here are the scores:

LT v LV : ctf2 16:0 (quad on, hook off)
ctf5 15:0 (hook off)
ctf1  1:2 (quad off, hook on)
... the last map wasn't play due to lack of time.

For those who wonder why the quad and hook settings changed on each map well... both LT and LV have different rules on that :) ... CTF2 and CTF5 were played with LT rules (quad on, hook off) and CTF1 was played with LV rules... oh btw, hook on or off applies to the off-hand hook :)

The *Hall of Fame* updated :)
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 Wednesday - December 20

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP | Fall 2000 | News

Previous CB Q2CTF-Cup (spring 2000) Champions DTF managed to secure the Bronze Cup in the losers final versus xL.

Only 3 maps were played (Map wins: DTF:2 xL:1 / DTF|ctf5, xL|ctf2, DTF|suma6) Map 4: Forfeit win for DTF
xL didn't have time to play another map. This match was already delayed 3 weeks, DTF couldn't play another date this week. | Source: Oma @

So... now the battle for third place has been fought the final Cup result looks like this:

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup 'Fall 2000'

 [1] |tm| (The Virial Theorem 1040)
 [2] raGe (retaliated artificial Genetic enemy)
 [3] DTF (Dutch Tactical Fighters)

CTF Observer interview with |tm|Fuel...
Speaking of |tm|, The winners of the CB Cup Fall 2000,
(see also [11-12-2000], freelance reporter Baal interviewed |tm|Fuel for CTF Observer yesterday asking questions like |tm|'s (short) history, about their name 'The Virial Theorem 1040' (Fuel: The Virial Theorem is a... I better look it up :P) about the ClanBase Cup and different styles of play between scandinavian and dutch teams... etc, etc. anyway... the interview will be here tommorrow after I cleaned up the IRC text :)

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CL/CLL | ChampionsLeague |        

In |tm|'s last match before X-mas they had to defend their #2 spot ladder against m22.

|tm| v [m22] for #2 ladder spot - by |tm|fuel @

We had wanted to challenge BBQ before the break, but someone else always beat us to it. Excuse me for writing about my own clan, but since none of the newsies had the time I took the liberty of writing this one myself. Full report @ CL/CLL: [Report | tm v m22]

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

X-mas Break... - by fuel @
The ChampionsLeague will be inactive during X-mas through to New Years. All clans can take a break during the holidays without fear of losing positions in the ladder.

Make sure to stock up on all that christmas food you can get your hands on and rest that mouse arm of yours, cause you'll need to be in top shape for the playoffs, take my word for it. :)

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Wednesday January 3

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 4

Last Sunday/Monday | Week-4 and Holiday break
- by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF

Week 4 was completed without any major problems, there was a temporary issue with the NL > BW link on Monday but this seemed to go away and a full schedule was played bar 1 game.

We now break for the holidays, with the league resuming on the 7th of January. I will write a summary of things so far and post it on sometime over the break so look out for that.

The league has gone fairly well so far we think, there have been a few clans drop out and again Division 1 has been hit hard with 3 of the 12 starting clans now no longer in the league. Elsewhere though things are going along fairly normally, with 62 clans still in the competition from a starting 68.

On behalf of myself, FlameTop and all the admins may we wish you and enjoyable christmas & new year. Hope santa brings you something nice :) | - BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF

You can find demos of some of the leagues games on the BarrysWorld FTP: [FTP CTF]

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

October 30 2000


ChampionsLeague     CL/CLL     CL/CLL     CL/CLL     CL/CLL
 Tuesday - December 19

  CL/CLL ChampionsLeague | Q2CTF

aBu beat AGC convincingly
- by kotti @

AGC didn't play well in their last cll fight (against M22). aBu instead finally won F1 and was eager to gain some better position in the ladder. Both teams chose ctf2. First was eDome and there AGC couldn't get their playing rhythm on and aBu eventually won it 8-0. In TnX it was much more even and though both teams got the upper hand at some point of the map it ended 3-3 so aBu won the whole match 11-3.

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

BBQ v T | Report - by kotti
 BBQ beat T "easily"| - report by kotti @
T played very impressive game the last time both clans faced eachother. But old merits matter little when it's time to measure the current skill-level. Was this to be a "lett" win for BBQ or was it to a 'pain-in-the-ass-to-get' one?

Read the full report on the CL/CLL site here: [report | BBQ v T]

JAG wins GdFF - by kotti @
First was ctf1 and it ended 10-1 to JAG. Then was ctf2 which ended 6-2 to JAG.

F1 raped wnc - by kotti @
Maps: ctf3 3-2 to F1 and ctf1 28-0 to F1. In ctf1 wnc played most (?) of the time with 3 guys so a really good game..

DdB beat duff in a match for the 5th place - by kotti @
DdB had clung to that 5th position in the ladder for a long time while duff had been rising all the time. The teams had played a few practise matches before this and according to them this match was about to be more or less even.
Read the full report on the CL/CLL site here: [report | DdB v duff]

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  SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF
 Monday - December 18

SavageUK Q3CTF

Clan E Season-3 Champions ! - by Whez.E @ clan-e

We've managed to win the Savage Q3CTF Division-1 title after our last game Sunday night against SS which was a bumpy match. You can read a short description in the [clan-e site | battles] section.

This season was a pretty close battle at the top with amigos CN & Neo making it extremely tough and all clans were fighting it all the way to the points table.

We've achieved beyond our wildest expectations winning season 1, 2, 3 (this season) which will be the last for this year 2000.

So how have things been in the E.ctf camp ?

Looking back on this year its been crazy. E started playing q3ctf in february 2000 and has been playing ever since. A lot of our original lineup has changed. Our players & mates Imiz, Cyrano, Zor still pop in #e but dropped out from active q3ctf during the year. We've also seen a lot of clans fade in, fade out.

Then zooming ahead to this month its been quite a rocky one. Ethereal and Chipie gone, 2 players who have been there from the start, and that has left a hole which we try to fill. Now we've finally finished all the leagues we're in.

We'd like to thank all the people who've contributed to E, our clan mates, ex-clan mates and friends who we know in real life and on irc.

All that is left is to wish you all a happy holiday season and see you guys in year 2001.

Q3MLCTF4 Congratulations Clan E :) | *Hall of Fame* updated...
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  SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF
 Monday - December 18


Q2 3tCTF
      SavageUK Q2 3-Team-CTF

Week-9|Season-6 - by LJ @ SavageUK

Clan Donuts [o] (who have joined the league last week to replace [IF]) showed that they are going to be a clan to be reckoned with for next season's title chase as they held DS to a 6-6-4 with a 4 man LD50 team making the match a great FFA style game. The other D1 match was a default to FRE as ZOO haven't been replaced yet and Hg could only get 2 players out of bed in time.

Division-2 though is on a knife's edge at the moment with both GnA and AFT on 24 points in first place. GnA won their game today over TJD and AFT with a 8-4-3 win respectively. This now means that as they meet again next week in the last game of the season, who-ever comes above the other wins the D2 title. The other D2 match saw a merc team play instead of TAA as they got their dates mixed up, against UKSG and WkB. The merc team just won but as usual the score doesn't count for them so as UKSG came 2nd they get the full 3 points with WkB getting the 2.

Previous Savage 3tCTF Demos can be found in the demo-archive at savageuk: [HERE]
Beware though this site only works in IE for the moment.

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