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[^] ChampionsLeague Q2CTF BBQ Champions ! (UPDATED)
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YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2 Completed
* MC season-2 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2001
Week-8 : [April 9 - 15]
* |tm| fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF Season-13 Completed
* AFC season-13 Champions !
* YWN season-12 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-7
Week-8 [April 15] map: 3tctf2k1
* DS season-6 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners ! (s6 cup cancelled)

NSL Q2CTF Nations league ...
* Finland reigning Champions !

ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Season-2 Completed
* BBQ CL Season2 Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring Cup 2001
Week-8 : [April 9 - 15]
* CN fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-4 Completed
... replays
* Clan E season-3 Champions !
* SS s3-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-2
quarters/semis/finals : [April 12]
* CN Midweek-Tournament-1 Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5
Week-4: [April 15-16]
* IQS season-4 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1 Completed
break... next is Season-2
* TAWM Season-1 Champions !
* TAWM pre-season1 CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1 Completed
* mTw season-1 Champions !

Savage Euro Q3CTF Season-1
Week-4: [april 7-13]

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  Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Thursday April 12

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5

-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----
Q3CTF Barrysworld Week-3 - by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF

Week 3 (last sunday/monday) was a bit disrupted, a few postponements due to lans and some NL connection problems, a few defaults as a couple of clans fell by the wayside. Unfortunately Week 4 is the same due to a big French LAN effecting most of our participants from there. There are a few games postponed from previous weeks being played here, make sure you check the schedule.

My weekly review of the action can be found on : [Season5|Week3|Review]
- BigFoot @ Barrysworld

Q3CTF Demos: BarrysWorld FTP: [FTP Q3CTF]

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February 18 2001

Belgium Europe
Quake Squad

  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Tuesday - April 10

Newsflashes | Newsflashes | Newsflashes

SavageUK United Kingdom Q3CTF | Season-4 almost Completed - by Ebola

Last Sunday saw the last week (7) of season-4 of the SavageUK Q3CTF League being completed but because there still is one rescheduled division-1 game to be played between nEo and POTZW season-4 isn't officialy over yet...

Currently SS leads division-1 but if nEo or POTZW manage to win both games in their upcoming match then they will have the same amount of points as SS have... and the rules state the following: If, at the end of the Season, two Clans end up with the same score for first place a 'decider' will be played in 'week 8'. ..................... to be continued.
| [SavageUK | Q3CTF]

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CTF Observer

  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL
 Monday - April 9

CL Final: BBQ v DdB BBQ v DdB
BBQ found the Amp at match-start in both maps...............



BBQ defeat DdB in the Final - by |Ebola|

Last Sunday evening BBQ and DdB faced each other in the Q2CTF Final... warscenery were maps CTF1 and CTF2... BBQ won both maps (7-1/5-2) and clinched the title...............

Congratulations BBQ | CTF Observer [Hall of Fame] Updated :)

Match demos of the Final :
[BBQ v DdB] - 5x2 demos @ [BBQ | Demos:Final]

[BBQ]Nikodemus: @
Sunday was the big night! Finally the time for the CL final. Our way to the final was pretty clear all the way. In the ladder reset we somehow got the first place right away and didn't lose it until in the very last match. In playoffs we managed to win all our fights, and in semifinal we met, maybe a bit surprisingly one of our oldest enemies, Swedish Noll8. Our opponent DdB also played very well in the playoffs and the match was supposed to become a real thriller. The total result was 12-3 and we actually won the championship! :)

What gave us the edge over the other clans out there? Someone might say we have the best players, but I don't see it that way. Of course our roster is full of great players, but still I think it's the team spirit and our experience that makes the difference to the other clans with maybe even better players. This is a victory for the clan.

[ ]

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

Update - April 11 :
Over at the you can
find a Match-report written by ReY
[Report | BBQ v DdB | Finale]

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CL Final: BBQ v DdB BBQ v DdB
[DdB]ScizO was the first one to make a capture
in CTF2....................