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Reports from the European QuakeCTF front
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[^] Savage Euro Q3CTF the Last Four...
[^] Barrysworld Q3CTF: Season5 All*Stars Game Update
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[^] Savage Q2CTF: raGe season14 Champs!
[^] Savage Q3CTF: nEo season4 Cup Winners!
[^] Newsflash Summer Break...
[^] Newsflash Q3CTF|Q3CCTF Unification Rune Preview...
[^] ClanBase Q2CTF: |tm| Win CUP Again!
[^] Q2 Grapplers Q2CTF: Fastest Map Cap 'Competition'
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YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2 Completed
* MC season-2 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2001 Completed
* |tm| spring-2001 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF Season-14 Completed
* raGe season-14 Champions !
* BBC season-13 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-8
Week-7: [june 24]
* DS season-7 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners ! (s6 cup cancelled)

NSL Q2CTF Nations league ...
* Finland reigning Champions ! (2000) [i]

ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Season-4
Ladder Season Running (Started: May 7 2001)
- Summer Break: June 17 - 1st Week August
* BBQ CL Season3 Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring Cup 2001 Completed
* IQS spring 2001 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-4 Completed
* SS season-4 Champions !
* nEo s4-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-2 completed
* Cx Midweek-Tournament-2 Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 5 Completed
* IQS season-5 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-2
Week-6 [June 26] CCTF7 (1 week behind)
* TAWM Season-1 Champions !
* TAWM pre-season1 CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1 Completed
* mTw season-1 Champions !

Savage Euro Q3CTF Season-1

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  Savage European Q3CTF Championships     | Savage European Q3CTF Championships
 Saturday - June 23

SavageEuro Europe Q3CTF|Championships

The Last 4 - by ODEE @

So 8 months on from my original idea 4 teams have made it to the finals in Coventry in August,
they are: (in alphabetical order ;))

 Belgium Belgium |  Denmark Denmark |  England England |  Germany Germany

Congratulations to these teams for making this far and a big thankyou to all the other nations who competed also to all the admins and helpers throughout the last few hectic months.

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Savage Q3CTF Euro Championships
[ ]

  Barrysworld Q3CTF     Season5 All*Stars Game     All*Stars     All*Stars     All*Stars
 Saturday June 23

      BarrysWorld Q3CTF All*Stars   All*Stars   All*Stars   All*Stars   All*Stars

random Q3CTF shot Barrysworld's Season5 All*Stars Game - by |Ebola|
Update from last weeks news item

CTF *All-Stars* game preperations

This Monday (25th June) is the BarrysWorld Division 1 Stars CTF game. One of the CTF Captains d3sp previews the up and coming matches in his column @ QuakeNation, his role as a team captain and some choice snips from a conversation with Mr Unnamed Player. - source: Athena @ QuakeNation

You can read it here: [d3sp's column @ QuakeNation]

d3sp: The main requirement of good CTF performance is the teamplay. Personal skills are on second place, imo. We will see how good are these top players in communication and understanding partners. We know that they are very good players in their clans, let's see now how good they are in non-standard situation.

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

D3sp's Team:

NightFever's Team:

  Savage Champions     Q2CTF Season 14     Q3CTF Season 4 Cup     Savage Champions
 Friday - June 22

Random Q2CTF Art
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SavageUniverse Q2CTF
raGe Season14 Champions !

Closest Season yet !
- by LJ @

Probably the closest season that Savage Q2CTF has ever had for all divisions concerned.

Division 1 sees *raGe* just beat {AFC} by 3 points to take the title for Season 14 while LD50 were just pipped into 3rd spot, 3 points behind {AFC}.
- [Details @ Savage]

Congratulations raGe :)
CTF Observer [Hall of Fame] Updated.
SavageUniverse Q3CTF
nEo Season4 Cup Winners !

Intense CTF action !
- by Thor @

On Sunday nEo stormed through clans Inferno, IQS, mTw and finalists POTZW to win the Cup!

Check out this [Review] of the cup knockout stages, which also includes a link of the admins demo of the final !
- [Details @ Savage]

Congratulations nEo :)
CTF Observer [Hall of Fame] Updated.
Random Q3CTF Art

  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Wednesday - June 20

  Newsflashes | Newsflashes | Newsflashes

ChampionsLeague Q2CTF

Summer Break - by kotti @
Sunday June 17 : We are freezing the ladder for a summer break. This means that you can't challenge any team after Sunday (actually you can but we will delete your challenge if you break this rule). The ladder will be reactivated after the summer, probably in the first weeks of August.
Enjoy the summer!

Q3CTF|Q3CCTF Unification

Q3CCTF|Runes Preview
- by dekard @ CCTF & - by SLUDGE @

[threewave]Sludge: The Classic CTF team, who we are working closely with, have released a quickie image of the new runes that will be part of the Classic Capture The Flag part of the CTF Unification project. [Preview Image]

[cctf]dekard: Stay tuned for more screenshots of some of DD's maps and more new and exciting stuff that is Classic CTF 2.0!

[cctf]Kilderean: As for progress reports, well the core CCTF code is in the 3wave mod so I guess it could be called pretty much close to testing. It hasnt been just copy/pasted, everything that could be improved on has been.

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CTF Observer

ClanBase   Q2CTF CUP   Fall 2000         ClanBase   Q2CTF CUP   Fall 2000
 Monday - June 18






      ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2001 News

[tm v DUFF] | Final
|tm| win Cup Again !

Sunday evening reigning Cup-Champions |tm| defeated DUFF in the Q2CTF Spring 2001 Cup final!

Demos, Shots, Report: @ ClanBase: [tm v DUFF]

|tm| :)

*[Hall of Fame]*

[tm v DUFF]: points: 6-2
 CTF1     | 9-1 to |tm|
 CTF05b | 4-1 to |tm|
 CTF5     | 2-5 to DUFF
 CTF5     | 9-0 to |tm|
CB-Cup Final: |tm| v DUFF
|tm| v DUFF
First cap attempt, |tm|FETTSON^ cut in half by DUFF-denkan's chaingun, DUFF-zogh^ returns flag...
|Clan Links|   Previous Cup...

|tm| | DUFF
  The previous Cup (Fall-2000) was also won by |tm| by defeating raGe in the final, third place went to DTF. | See also CTF Observer: [11-12-2000]

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[q2ctf cup]

  Q2 Grapplers     Q2 Grapplers     Q2 Grapplers     Q2 Grapplers     Q2 Grapplers
 Monday - June 18 (sunday june 17)


      Q2Grapplers Fastest Cap 'Competition' : [Q2Grapplers]
I found out about this 'competition' after reading a news item called
Q2 Grappling contest posted by Kj @

SBD, founder of the Grapple 'Competition' posted a forum message on the
www. SavageUniverse .com site here: [forum|post]

SBD: Basically you cap for top postition get a demo of it and send it me. I check the time and update the scores accordingly...

Me myself once (september 2000) did such a grapple run to on q2ctf3 and recorded it in a demo... if you want it then click here: [] it's a recam :)

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