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 Tuesday - december 19

I n t e r v i e w
| t m |F u e l
by Baal

Clan |tm|
|tm| The Virial Theorem 1040 | Q2CTF
fuel | TGF | NiGhT | Fettson | Exq | Ronin | WeirD | corne | Mange | Sir | JooZ | Stereo | Ford | pmastah

Baal: I don't know nothing about |tm|.. so dont blame me for stupid questions ;) ...
|tm|Fuel: hehe, np
Baal: First question... When did TM start? :)
|tm|Fuel: We started out playing together around March (2000). But six of the players that started tm had played together previously in clan 6Pac. Those are: fuel, Night, Stereo, Sir, Corne, Exq and TGF
Baal: How did |tm| come up with the name.. The Virial Theorem 1040 < - what does it mean :)
|tm|Fuel: I really don't remember, we sat down one evening trying to come up with cool names, but none came to mind. Then corne started mumbeling something about The Virial Theorem 1040. It was something he had read about in a book. The Virial Theorem is a ... I better look it up :P The Virial Theorem is a tool for studying galaxies and stars and so on... And the idea was to become really good players, "stars" even, so then the Virial Theorem would be away to study stars, meaning us ;)
Baal: TM recently won the ClanBase Cup (fall 2000), you intend to defend this title next cup?
ClanBase Cup Fall 2000: [CTF Observer | 11-12-2000]
|tm|Fuel: Of course. Actually we did join ClanBase to try something completely different, and play against clans that we never had played before. We didn't expect to win or anything, but since we did, and because we had a really good time, we will of course sign up for the new season.
Baal: Did you noticed a difference between styles, of Scandinavian teams and Dutch teams? (xl dropped so u never played them..) (... xL wasn't a dutch team but a multinational one)
|tm|Fuel: Hmm, yes we did notice some differences, but our way of playing is pretty unconventional even here in scandinavia. The thing I noticed was that dutch teams attack much more than we do up here. Most teams only focus on the quad, eveything is about the quad, which tend to be a bit boring. Therefore, it was refreshing for us defenders to have a bit work on our hands ;) Actually we played xL on CTF2 and for 5 minutes on CTF1 :) ...but we were quite lost on the new maps. Meaning lfctf3, suma and ctf05b we had no tactics for them, and it showed :)
Baal: Well new maps make the game more fun, in my opinion ;)
|tm|Fuel: hehe, yeah it's fun when it goes your way...:P I was pretty pissed on ctf05b on many occasions ;)
Baal: But you guys did very good on those maps, did you had any extra practise on these maps?
|tm|Fuel: Nope, we had only played suma vs KfK once (or actually twice, since we replayed that map later). The same goes for ctf05b. But we tried to watch some demos of those two maps, to learn how they should be played.
Baal: One thing quite nice for me, as an admin in the cup, was the fact you guys never complained about the pings etc, which happend in the past for a few times. You think now more scandinivian teams will join the cup? Connections seem to be a bit better...
|tm|Fuel: Our motto is "Let's make thing whineless - [tm]" ;) But, we try not to complain...I don't think anything can be gained from it. And Yes, hopefully some other nordic teams will join. And hopefully someone could fire up the old Bytch servers...they were really good for dutch players as well, I've been told. ...and I get a ping of 12 there :P
Baal: pff :P ...
What do you think about the quake2-scene nowadays, with clans going to q3, and all the cheats etc ?
|tm|Fuel: Cheats is our main problem, at least in the ChampionsLeague. We have tried numerous methods of detecting cheats (such as proxies, spikes and timers)...but there is ALWAYS some way around out methods. The only way to solve the problem, as I see it, would be for the clans to start trusting each other not to use cheats. But I don't think we're quite there yet... So far not many nordic q2ctf clans have moved on to Q3...and I do not think many will, until a really good CTF mod has been released... and people have grown tired of q2ctf...which I do not think most have yet. We still have 23 active clans in the championsleague... As long as there are leagues like ClanBase, SavageUK, ChampionsLeague promoting Q2CTF I do not think the mod will die that easily.
Baal: A bit more about the CLL ( Ladder)... I noticed lots of clans play ctf2 and ctf3 there, is that a speciality of the clans? In clanbase it's all ctf1, ctf3 is like banned, since we never play it in the cup anymore...
|tm|Fuel: Well since BBQ has been at the top CLL for a long time now, and their "home map" has always been ctf2, clans have been forced to play that map very often to be able to beat those blasted finns at it. And it looks like it's paying of, they are not that superior on ctf2 anymore. Ctf3 hasn't been played that much previously, I think duff and sic (two swedish clans) were the first that really started practising ctf3. Since they quickly showed that The Smelter was a map that you really could get a lot of caps on, other teams started playing it more, to be able to hold their ground against these teams. Ctf1 is still my favorite map, and it was tm's "home map" until a couple of months ago, when we really started banging clans on ctf2 :)
Baal: Lately there has been some player swapping going on in CLL, pmastah and ronin joining TM... did TM became stronger now they joined? :)
|tm|Fuel: Of course, that was the reason why we wanted them to join. :P At that point in time when pm and ronin joined we were really short of basedefenders. Stereo, TGF and Mange couldn't play much for various reasons. We started looking for really good fraggers, and since both of these guys play dm at the top level, they didn't disappoint. PM is our most stable basedef today, and Ronin really does a great job around the quads...he has even learned to grapple.
Baal: So... when is TM going to challenge BBQ for 1st spot in CLL ?? Or are you gonna wait till the playoffs ? First time i think in the cll? :)
|tm|Fuel: We wanted to challenge BBQ for quite some time now. But every time we are going to challenge them, some other clan has beaten us to it, or challenged us, so that we can't challenge. :/ So it's a shame that we only have played them once this season... But soon their reign is over, soon... :P
Baal: Plz note that all this will be published :P
|tm|Fuel: I know ;)
I think tm is one of the very few swedish clans that really enjoy playing BBQ... we have had a lot of pracs together, and I think we respect each other...I know we do at least :)
Baal: Ah nice, cuz i have seen some bitching between bbq and o8 ;)
|tm|Fuel: I know... Ever since BBQ split up and o8 was formed of some old swedish BBQ players, the bitching has been going on. But there has always been a love-hate relationship between finns and swedes... in certain cases it's more of a hate - hate relationship I think :)
Baal: I noticed that during NSL :P (NSL Report | Final: SE v FI)
What did u think of the standard of the dutch clans? You only played one cup i know, but is it as competitive as in the cll? :)
|tm|Fuel: I feel that there are some really good clans in CB. But then there is a large gap to 5th - 6th seeds. IMHO a couple of the dutch clans should be in the top 10 of CL. Maybe three... nah, make it two :P
Baal: Yes I feel that to, but that always has been the case in holland ;) Always 2 or 3 clans much better then the rest :)
|tm|Fuel: Yeah, I've heard that you always have had one or two clans that have been really superior...
Like those Nut5, or what they were called :) (... NuT5 ;)
Baal: Yeah :) kinda like fuse was in the cll right? :) or bbq is now :]
|tm|Fuel: Yeah well, sort of. I really don't think that fuse were that superior... They had their share of glory, true, and it was rightly deserved. But in my opinion they aren't the greatest. CFC and U-17 are ranked higher in my book... plus some other really old clans... and of course, BBQ. :)
Baal: I remember the day that NuT5 play U-17, changed the dutch scene forever... never used quad-timers before, none of the clans I have some demos of it at home...
|tm|Fuel: Ow? I didn't even know they had played each other...?
cool! I want some demos... :) how did it end ?
Baal: well u-17 won, cuz they used quad-timers, something no one had heard of before in holland since that day everyone uses quad timers :)
|tm|Fuel: hehe, those blasted timers right. :)
Then VSE developed their timer, and everything started going bad...
Baal: Well we had one much worse then VSE ;)
dcb-proxy, even had the location of ur enemy, with health and armor on screen...
|tm|Fuel: But I don't think it has been used in our leagues ...I hope...
Baal: ... Never been used in any league.
|tm|Fuel: hope...
Baal: But... one last question...
How do u feel about the future of quake2ctf? :)
|tm|Fuel: The nordic q2ctf is still going strong I think, so we will continue for at least another 12 months. The one thing that could ruin the game is the constant accusations of cheats and such. But we are trying to fight that, and make gaming more fun. When the scene starts growing weaker, I see potential cooperations between CB, Savage and CL to keep the q2ctf scene going for some time further.
Baal: :) let's hope so :)
|tm|Fuel: :) I don't want to stop playing now, GVD ;)   (... helvete... god damnit... etc. ;)
Baal: Thnx for the interview! :) hehe ;)
|tm|Fuel: np :) heheh    (np : no problem ;)