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[*] CL/CLL Q2CTF: Battle for #1: BBQ v |tm|
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[*] CL/CLL Q2CTF: Upcoming battles & Predictions
[*] Special Q2CTF: Classical match... SS v IMC 1998
[*] CL/CLL Q2CTF: News...
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[*] YM League Q1 NQCTF: News...
[*] ClanBase Q2CTF PLAY-OFFS Next Week...
[*] SavageUK Q2CTF raGe win s11 Cup...
[*] SavageUK QuakeCTF News...
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|QuakeCTF|Reigning Champions|

Q3 Classic CTF
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    Upcoming Competition Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2
Replay-Round, [November 6-12]
* Brutal season-1 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUPs Fall 2000
Poule rounds completed: Play-Offs soon !
* DTF spring-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF season-12
week-1: November 19 - New Season Start
* LE season-11 Champions !
* raGe season-11 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-6
Week-5 [Nov.12] (might be delayed due to NWFF)
* DS season-5 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners !

NSL Q2CTF Nations league Season-1 finished
* Finland Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUPs Fall 2000
Poule rounds completed: Play-Offs soon !
* clan E spring-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-3
week-3: November 19
* Clan E season-2 Champions !
* IQS s2-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-1
Week-2: Thursday [November 16]

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 3 completed
* CN season-3 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1
Week-2: Tuesday [November 14]
* raGe beta99c CUP winners !

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ChampionsLeague     CL/CLL     CL/CLL     CL/CLL     CL/CLL
 Friday - November 10

  CL/CLL     ChampionsLeague | []

Battle for #1 - BBQ defeats |tm| - 9:3 - by Ebola
In an exiting match between the number 1 (BBQ) and 2 (tm) of the current ladder season BBQ kept their head cool and defeated |tm| by winning both maps (ct1/ctf2).

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

Victory over tm!| - by Nikodemus @
Last night the whole world (well, almost) saw a very much expected fight between us and our biggest rival |tm|The Virialtheorem. I think we all were somewhat nervous before the start, since our last match didn't quite end the way we wanted it to. This time the maps played were ctf1 (theirs) and ctf2 (duh, ours of course) and everything was really even.

CTF1 we found the good techs in the start and took a comfortable lead quite early.. the final score being 5-1.
CTF2 it was their turn to get the best techs, but we still got the initiative and made the first caps. Later on they started to make some serious damage and the map ended 4-2 in our favour.

Summary: Really nice fight with loads of sportsmanship and good spirit.. and kinda even too with final score of 9-3. Big thanks goes to everyone involved and let's just hope we will get more of this kind of fights.

DEMOS: | [BBQ]PRAYER (ctf1/ctf2) | [BBQ]Ugglan (ctf1) | [BBQ]Malle (ctf1/ctf2) |

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BBQ v tm | NiGhT frags BBQ's flagcarrier ele, Malle takes over and scores the first capture of the match... | (2000)

  YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF
 Friday - November 10

      YM League Q1 NQCTF

News - source: YourMother @ nqctf

Clans BAR and QF1 played their war for this league yesterday. The war ended in a draw meaning that QF1 ended last in the league. BAR now has one point more then QF1 (a point stolen from KOI :) and has still a match to go.

There are still a few matches left. In these matches the true champion of the league will reveal themselfs. These are the matches that still have to be played :

 - CN v Brutal
 - CN v DE
 - CN v MC
 - MC v KOI
 - MC v BAR

Related Links:
 NQ Clanwars :
 YM-League-1: Season-1
 YM-League-2: Season-2 (current)

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[NQCTF / YM League]

War result is based on map wins (points, not captures). Two maps are played, the map winner receives 1 point, a draw results in 0.5 points for both clans.

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Friday November 10

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 4

Season-4 News... - by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF
Season 4 sign ups are underway, we've had a reasonable response allthough nothing like what's been seen in other leagues such as the Ra3, DM or UTCTF for example. There are still spaces, so if you want to join the league sign up now :)

On other news, we have decided to award The Most Sporting Clan Award to SPS and the best performance to POTZW due to their overall improvement in the CTF league. They will each be contacted shortly to get their details.

You can find demos of some of the leagues games on the BarrysWorld FTP:

[FTP Season3] is where to point your browsers/ftp clients. Each week more demos will be added, so its worth checking back regularly.

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

October 30 2000


ChampionsLeague     CL/CLL     CL/CLL     CL/CLL     CL/CLL
 Thursday - November 9

  CL/CLL ChampionsLeague

Upcoming battles|Predictions - by ifish of Clan AGC
If one takes a look at the ladder now, there are many great and exciting fights coming up. Most of these matches will in my opinion be very close (then sadly ping/pl can be the decider, of course).

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

Battle for first place| BBQ v TM| Tonight
On Thursday 11 we have the fight for the top spot, "le grand finale" in many peoples opinion, the match we have all been waiting for, Malle vs Fettson the inevitable: BBQ vs tm. Can BallBraQuers stay undefeated, or will The Virial Theorem finally knock the king down from its throne. I hope for the sake of the game we all love that ping/pl will not decide here. Neither team have shown no signs of weakness lately, but even though tm won 4-4 (on frags) last time (as far as I know) I think BBQ will win now. Can't wait for those demos ;)

Besides the BBQ vs tm prediction ifish made 6 more predictions of upcoming wars:
[T v m22] - [TFR v DdB] - [WnC v AGC] - [Noll8 v sic] - [plt v aBu] - [Duff v F1]

He also makes an prediction about which clans make it to the top 10 at the end of the ladder season.

You can find the rest of the match predictions and the top-10 on the ChampionsLeague site here: [Upcoming battles: an analysis / Top 10 ]

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random q2ctf shot














  Q2CTF - Classic   Q2CTF - Classic   Q2CTF - Classic   Q2CTF - Classic   Q2CTF - Classic
 Thursday - November 9

Q2CTF|Classical match SS v IMC 1998

Way back, in the previous century, at March 1998... The clans SS and IMC played one of the first, maybe even THE first, Dutch Q2CTF clan war... scenery of this historical event were maps Q2CTF1 and Q2CTF4... BFG was on, ofcourse :)

I had a great time watching demos of this match yesterday. Everything went very relaxed... attackers walking towards the enemy flag in a straight line, ignoring anything around them ;), and walk straight back the same way without even bothering to look behind to see who was shooting with a shotgun in their back ;) ... they didn't even try to avoid enemy fire, just walked away in a straight line hihihi :) no one even jumped...

While they didn't seem to care much about which tech they had, 'why pickup the Amp... I aready have a tech' ;) later on in time both SS and IMC became very good CTF clans... today SS is hybernating in ClanBase and IMC disappeared completely.
Nevertheless, this war is a classic ! :)

Two Demos (1 zip) can be found here: [Demos @]
A report written by [ss]massacre can be found here: [report @]

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Quote taken from [SS]Massacre's matchreport:

'3 furious IMC'ers desperately trying to get our flag'

  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Wednesday - November 8

CL/CLL | ChampionsLeague


Q2CTF | * JAG served a warning...
* URP removed from the ladder...
- by fuel @

For not using Xania vs D.O.B (on the 29th), JAG has been given a warning. Since their reason for not using the proxy is somewhat acceptable, they will only loose the match vs D.O.B, no other measures will be taken.

Clan URP, has been removed from the ladder due to inactivity.

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

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Q2 3-Team-CTF, by LJ @ savageuk

Previous Seasons
Over at the 3tctf-site are now ALL the previous seasons to the 3tctf League.
Go here: [savageuk|3tctf]

YM League Q1 NQCTF

NEWS | source: YourMother @ nqctf

Today (wednesday) BAR and QF1 will decide in their war who has to be the one ending up at the bottom of the league. And i can tell you neither clans is planning to lose this match, so it could be a nice war.

[NQCTF / YM League]

Last monday KOI and DE hit it off in their match for the YM League II. Both clans had not much to gain here so it was a friendly war. KOI won this time and is starting to feel at home in DM6 blue base. Read it all here: [report|de-koi]

ClanBase   Q2CTF CUP   Fall 2000         ClanBase   Q2CTF CUP   Fall 2000
 Tuesday - November 7




      ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Fall 2000 News

Q2CTF playoffs next week... - by Oma @ ClanBase
All wars in the regular poules have been played, so it's time for the playoffs !

Since DTF didn't win both maps from TQA they will face raGe in the playoffs. xL, now leading poule B, wil meet |tm|.

Furthermore DCB and SQA will go to 2nd league next Cup. fcK and Retro have earned their way to the 1st league.

raGe vs DTF
xL vs |tm|

Previous Cup...
The previous Cup (Spring-2000) was won by DTF (DutchTacticalFighters) they defeated ZP in the final, third place went to TQA. | See also CTF Observer: [10-06-2000]

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[q2ctf cup] | [q3ctf cup]

  SavageUK Q2CTF Season11 CUP     Savage Q2CTF s11-CUP     Savage Q2CTF s11-CUP     Savage Q2CTF s11-CUP
 Monday - November 6

random q2ctf shot random q2ctf shot
      SavageUK Q2CTF Season11 CUP

raGe s11 CUP winners - by Ebola

Yesterday evening raGe won the Savage Season11 CUP by defeating HC in the final...

More later today when details from savage come available... watch this space :)

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|CTF Observer|Hall of Fame
I've added raGe retaliated artificial Genetic enemy to the Hall of Fame | Visit their site here: raGe

Congratulations to raGe
for winning the
Savage Q2CTF s11 Cup

Savage League

  SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK
 Monday - November 6

SavageUK Q2CTF News...

Q2 3-Team-CTF | WkB OWN! - by LJ @

WkB got their first win of the season by beating TJD and TAA in a great match where WkB's tactics won them the game. AFT also won their match. They beat GnA and UKSG and are now joint top with GnA in D2. IF stomped on their opponents winning 29-0-0 against ZOO-mercs and HC-mercs, while DS got off to a slow start but managed to hold their own in a tight game with FRE and LD50.

Division-1: DS, IF, FRE, LD50, zoo-mercs, hc-mercs
Division-2: GnA, aft, TJD, WkB, TAA, UKSG

3tCTF Demo Archive at savageuk: HERE (IE only for the moment).

Q2CTF | League Season 12 - by Rico @
Season 12 will start on Sunday 19th November 2000.
[More at savageuk|q2ctf]

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SavageUK Q3CTF News...

Q3CTF | Season-3 Week2 results up...
- by Whez @
Week 2 continues to go strong in the Savage Q3CTF League as we see some great games played in the divisions.. As the season continues with tonight's 2nd week game, Savage would like to bring you a league that aims to build and improve upon its existing structure and make it even better. [More at savageuk|q3ctf]

Q3CTF | Midweek Tournament - by Thor @
The Savage Q3CTF Midweek Tournament starts this Thursday 9th November 2000.
[More at savageuk|q3ctf]

Q3CCTF | CCTF Season1 Starts Tomorrow !
The New season of Classic CTF will begin Tuesday at 8pm (uk time) | [More at savageuk|q3cctf]

Savage League

ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   Fall 2000         ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   Fall 2000
 Monday - November 6





      ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Fall 2000 P L A Y - O F F S

Semifinals and Finals coming up... - by Ethereal @
Last Sunday the last two matches were played for the premier division.
Both CN and IQS managed to beat SS, both securing a place in the playoffs.

In the week from 13 to 16 November the semi-finals will be played. The first will be between the winners of the last CB CTF Cup, Clan E and the recent winners of the Savage Super Sunday Cup, the IQS. The other semi-final will be between the winners of the third season of the Barrysworld league, clan CN and the experienced English team of nEo. These clans will face eachother in a best-of-5 series of maps, with the winners going straight through to the finals.

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