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[*] The History of CTF Feature ...
[*] SavageUK Q3CCTF: Classic CTF Fixtures Released...
[*] QuakeNation Q3CTF: Barrysworld Season-3 Review..
[*] CL/CLL Q2CTF: Clan AjE banned for 4 more weeks...
[*] YM League Q1 NQCTF: News...
[*] CL/CLL Q2CTF: News...
[*] ClanBase Q2/Q3CTF Play-Offs Soon...
[*] Barrysworld Q3CTF: Chopstick Ninjas: s3 champions!
[*] YM League Q1 NQCTF: News...
[*] SavageUK Q2CTF: s11 CUP, part 1 completed...
[*] SavageUK Q2 3tCTF: Week-3 (season-6)...
[*] ClanBase Q3CTF News...
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|QuakeCTF|Reigning Champions|

Q3 Classic CTF
      Netherlands United Kingdom Sweden Norway Finland Denmark Iceland Italy Germany France Belgium

    Upcoming Competition Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2
Round-7, [October 30 - November 5]
(last regular league round)
* Brutal season-1 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUPs Fall 2000
week7: [October 30 - November 5]
(last week of poule rounds)
* DTF spring-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF season-12
week-1: November 19 - New Season
* LE season-11 Champions !
- Season 11 Cup: [October 29 / November 5]

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-6
Week-4 [November 5]
* DS season-5 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners !

NSL Q2CTF Nations league Season-1 finished
* Finland Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUPs Fall 2000
Poule rounds completed: Play-Offs soon !
* clan E spring-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-3
week-2: November 5
* Clan E season-2 Champions !
* IQS s2-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-1
Week-1: Thursday [November 9] - New

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 3 completed
* CN season-3 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1
Week-1: Tuesday [November 7] - New
* raGe beta99c CUP winners !

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- nqctf / ym-league
- nsl
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- The History of CTF
- Rape of Q2CTF

CutieQuake Online
| CutieQuake |

  SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK
 Sunday - November 5

SavageUK Q2CTF News...

Q2CTF | Season 11 CUP Part-2 & FINALS Today! - by Ebola
Last Sunday the first part of the s11-Cup was played, Groups A to F played their first rounds... Groups G and H play their first round games today at 5pm-6pm (uk time) followed by Round-2 at 6:30/7:00pm... Once the group matches are completed the Finals are ready to take off... here's the schedule:

 Q2CTF|Today's Finals
- Quarter Finals 7.30pm - Sumactf6 - (1 x 30 minute game)
- Semi-Finals 8.15pm - Q2ctf05b - (1 x 30 minute game)
- Cup Final 9pm - Q2ctf1 - (1 x 40 minute game)

Q2CTF | League Season 12 - by Rico @
Season 12 of the SavageUK Q2CTF League will start on Sunday 19th November 2000. This is TWO weeks after the Cup Final, and takes into account the fact that most of the Council will be in or on the way home from Blackpool due to NWFF. The first matches will be at 6pm as there is no Division 5 this year. [More at savageuk|q2ctf]

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SavageUK Q3CTF News...

Q3CTF | Midweek Tournament - by Thor @
I am pleased to announce that the Savage Q3CTF Midweek Tournament starts this Thursday 9th November 2000.
[More at savageuk|q3ctf]

Q3CTF | Season-3 Last Weeks Results...
- by Slave @
Results for Week 1, Season 3 of the Savage Q3CTF League are now up. Looking at the results it seems that defaults are "nearly" a thing of the past .. but how many times have I said that ;P .. We also had some server trouble last week which, now that we've played with the server configs some more, should be fixed.
[More at savageuk|q3ctf]

SavageUK | CCTF League Starts Next Tuesday
The New season of Classic CTF will begin next Tuesday at 8pm (uk time) | [More at savageuk|q3cctf]

Savage League

  The History of CTF     The History of CTF     The History of CTF     The History of CTF     The History of CTF
 Saturday - November 4

         | CTF | F E A T U R E |
The History of CTF
The History of CTF
 by Ebola @ ctf observer

I've written an article about the History of CTF, how it all started... it includes comments of Zoid, the inventor of CTF (or isn't he ? :), and a map browser which you can use to view shots of all the 'official' maps from quake1, quake2 and quake3.

Click on the link below:

 Feature: [The History of CTF]

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Savage UK Q3CCTF     Savage UK Q3CCTF     Savage UK Q3CCTF     Savage UK Q3CCTF     Savage UK Q3CCTF
 Friday - November 3

[CCTF Site]       SavageUK Q3CCTF League

SavageUK | CCTF League Starts Next Tuesday - by IT @ SavageUK
The New season of Classic CTF will begin next Tuesday, the fixtures have been completed.
The evening will start @ 8pm (UK time) [9pm CET]

[more @ savageuk]

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      Random Q3CCTF Shot

  Quake Nation     Quake Nation     Quake Nation     Quake Nation
 Friday - November 3

        Quake Nation | Barrysworld Season-3 Review...

Barrysworld BWQ3CTFL S3 Reviewed - by BigFoot @

I have posted my review of Season 3 of the BarrysWorld Quake 3 Capture The Flag League, the biggest UK based league for Q3CTF. You can find it in the interviews and features section here: [review]

The total number of caps this season was 3,646 which compares with 2,993 in Season 2 and 1,868 in Season 1.

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      Quake Nation

-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   CL/CLL   CL/CLL   CL/CLL   YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF
 Friday - November 3  Friday - November 3

CL/CLL ChampionsLeague

Q2CTF | AjE's sentence prolonged by 4 weeks
- by fuel @

For having used players not on their roster a second time, clan AjE have been banned another 4 weeks as an addition to the 2 week ban they received a week ago. They have also been placed at the bottom of the ladder, where they will remain until their sentence has been served. duff will be awarded the victory of the clans latest CW.

Clan AjE will not be let back into the ladder until the 6th of December. | See also CTF Observer: [October 23-29]

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

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YM League Q1 NQCTF

News | source: YourMother @ nqctf

KOI and CN played there match for the YM League II and i can only say it was a great match. I hope someone puts the demo's online soon. The war ended in a draw and KOI finally won in DM6 again... Just read the inside story here: [report|cn-koi]

[NQCTF / YM League]

  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   CL/CLL   CL/CLL   CL/CLL   ClanBase CTF CUP's Fall 2000     ClanBase     ClanBase
 Wednesday - November 1  Wednesday - November 1

CL/CLL ChampionsLeague

Q2CTF|Interviews - by Kj @

Stay tuned for the upcoming interview with one of the greatest aLmers around =) ... and a report from the game played last Sunday, tm v T fighting for the No2. spot in the Ladder...

Would you like to give your clan some more attention ?
Would you like to become slightly more famous ?
Then let me know about it and we'll sort out an indepth interview !



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ClanBase CTF CUP's Fall 2000

Play-Offs Soon !!!
After the regular season (poule games), playoffs are played. First the number 1 of each group plays the number 2 of the other group in the semi-finals. The winners play for the title, the losers play for third place.

Every playoff match will be played as a best of 5 maps. Each map is 20 minutes.

semi-final schedule (unofficial)
[raGe vs DTF] and [tm vs xL]

semi-final schedule (unofficial)
[E v IQS] and [Cn v nEo]

ClanBase Cups:
[q2ctf] | [q3ctf]

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Tuesday - October 31

Random Q3CTF Shot








      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 3

[CN] Chopstick Ninjas season-3 Champions !

Week 11 - by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF
After their success last season, Chopstick Ninjas have continued their good run by scooping the Division 1 title again. It wasn't easy for them, they needed 2 points from their remaining match against oG and after a tense 0-0 in the first game there was still the chance that they might lose out. They took the second game though 6-3 and finish 1 point ahead of nEo, who have now finished 1st, 2nd and 2nd in the 3 seasons of the CTF league.

Attention tomorrow turns to the Division 2 games outstanding, with a lot still to be decided.

|CTF Observer|Hall of Fame
I've added [CN]Chopstick Ninja's to the Hall of Fame

Congratulations Chopstick Ninja's

Visit their site here: [Chopstick Ninja's]

You can find demos of some of the leagues games on the BarrysWorld FTP:

[FTP Season3] is where to point your browsers/ftp clients. Each week more demos will be added, so its worth checking back regularly.

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

October 30 2000


  YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF
 Tuesday - October 31

      YM League Q1 NQCTF

News - source: YourMother @ nqctf

I have updated the YM league II site for once, and found out that last week NO wars have been played.... I have made an extra round after round 7 to catch up with the wars. Espicially CN and KOI have to plan some extra wars.... I have decided by the way that the war between CN and MC will be played all over. Not that it has been played.... but CN showed me that they have warned MC up front that the war couldn't go on...

Round-7 Schedule (October 30 - November 5)
 [QF1 v BAR] - [Brutal v CN] - [KOI v MC] | No game this round: DE

YM League II   Q1 NQCTF   YM League II   Q1 NQCTF   YM League II

Related Links:
 NQ Clanwars :
 YM-League-1: Season-1
 YM-League-2: Season-2 (current)

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[NQCTF / YM League]

War result is based on map wins (points, not captures). Two maps are played, the map winner receives 1 point, a draw results in 0.5 points for both clans.

  SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK
 Tuesday - October 31

      SavageUK Q2CTF | s11-CUP Part 1 completed last Sunday.

S11 Cup Day 1 and next week - by Andy @ SavageUK
A great day was had in the Savage Season 11 Q2CTF cup...
Thanks to all the clans, who got their players onto the servers in a quick manner and to all the admins who helped to make the games run smoothly.
Here are the results and tables Cup-Part1: Round-1
  More at: SavageUK|Q2CTF

Previous Cup...
The previous cup (s10-Cup) was won by BBC (BigBastardClan) they defeated raGe in the final, third place went jointly to HC and LE...

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Savage League SavageUK|Q2CTF




  SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF     SavageUK 3tCTF
 Monday - October 30

      SavageUK Q2 3-Team-CTF

UKSG get their first win ! - by LJ @ SavageUK

Great win by UKSG over TJD and WkB gets them their first win of the season and takes them off the bottom spot in D2. Meanwhile the other match in D2 also saw a close game between 2 of the clans with GnA emerging victorious by 3 caps over AFT, with newcomers TAA bringing up the rear.

D1 saw 2 heavy wins for the top two clans, IF & DS with both winning by 20+ caps over their nearest rivals.

Division-1: DS, IF, FRE, LD50, zoo-mercs, hc-mercs
Division-2: GnA, aft, TJD, UKSG, WkB, TAA

Previous Savage 3tCTF Demos can be found in the demo-archive at savageuk: HERE Beware though this site only works in IE for the moment.

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Q2 3tCTF

Details for the rest of the season are available HERE

ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   Fall 2000         ClanBase   Q3CTF CUP   Fall 2000
 Monday - October 30




      ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Fall 2000 News

nEo defeated by clan E... - by hoshi @ ClanBase
The winner of the clanbase q3ctf spring cup clan E defeated nEo...
For a short report, screenshots and demos go [here]

SD refuse to play S5... - by Ethereal @ ClanBase
After several talks on times and dates, SD and S5 couldn't seem to come to an agreement. SD thinks S5 failed to show up twice for an agreed war. S5 however thinks the war has never been accepted on CB and is therefore not official. The argument ended with SD rather forfeiting the war to S5 than having to play them. Seeing no other alternative, this is what happened: [details...]

Poule-Rounds completed... Play-Offs next ! - by Ebola @ CTF Observer
Officially the 'Poule-Season' is over but in this coming week pending matches will be played which weren't played due to wildcard usage or whatever reason...
Only one such match is pending: [DmN v FWS] , a Second-League Poule-B match which originally was scheduled in week-4 (october 16-22)... the match will be played this Thursday... once everything is cleaned up, Play-Offs will begin !

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