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[*] Hall of Fame ClanBase Q2CTF Cup 'Spring': DTF

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ClanBase Q2CTF Cup June 13
Match for third place: NO v TQA

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup June
Final: E v AoS (soon)

Savage League Q2CTF Break
Next Season: Season 10 (June 18)
Academy Cup: June 11

Savage League Q3CTF June 11 June 18
Season-1: Week 5

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF June 04-05:
Season-2: Week 4

NSL Q2CTF June 12-18
Season-1: Week 1

 [Hall of Fame]

Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added clan DTF to the * Hall of Fame * !
DTF won the ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2000 on June 9, 2000... Congratulations DTF ! :)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *

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Netherlands ClanBase Q2CTF CUP Spring 2000
DTF victorious !

DTF wins the Q2CTF cup - by [cbcup]Disintegrator

Clan DTF wins the Spring edition of the Q2CTF cup by defeating ZP with 3 maps to 0. (23-5 in caps)

Match report by [admin]852/Keats here: [report]
Match demos (6) at clanbase here: [demos]


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ClanBase Q2CTF
Spring 2000