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Reports from the European QuakeCTF front

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[^] EQ3L-CTF Q3CTF: Group-Matches over, Play-Offs next!
[^] SavageUK Q3CTF Finals this Sunday !
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[^] SavageUK Q3CCTF TAWM win CUP ! [updated]
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[^] ChampionsLeague Q2CTF BBQ v |TM| ... [updated]
[^] Barrysworld Q3CTF: Season4|Week8 ...
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Q3 Classic CTF
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YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2 Completed
* MC season-2 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP b r e a k
Spring 2001 CUP: [sign-up closed !]
* |tm| fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF season-12 Completed
s12 CUP: [Start: February 4]
* ZP season-12 Champions !
* raGe season-11 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-6 Finished
s6 CUP: [Start: February 4]
* DS season-6 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners !

NSL Q2CTF Nations league B r e a k
* Finland reigning Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP break
Spring 2001 CUP: [sign-up closed !]
* CN fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-3 Finished...
s3 CUP: [January 21/28 - February 4]
* Clan E season-3 Champions !
* IQS s2-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-1 finished
* CN Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 4
status unknown...
* CN season-3 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1
Starting soon...
* nAo Season-0 Champions !
* TAWM pre-season1 CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1
- First season European Quake3 CTF League

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- CCL - Q3CCTF league
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- NQCTF / YM-League
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- Rape of Q2CTF
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  EQ3L CTF   European Quake3 League   EQ3L CTF   European Quake3 League
 Friday - February 2

      EQ3L-CTF - Q3CTF League News

The Play-Offs are here... - by MOD @ EQ3L

Finally weve made it through the group matches and reached the playoffs. And not only reached it, but reached it with a enough clans so there wont be any slots vacant when the first playoff-round starts - and that is not something we could take for granted after the site went down and all the chaos and problems associated with this.

So wed like to take the chance and thank all clans who stayed with us and played their matches - wether they reached the playoffs or not: Thank you mates.

For more information surf to: [EQ3L | European Quake3 League]



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  SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF
 Friday - February 2

      SavageUK Q3CTF | S3 CUP

This Sunday|Cup Finals... - by Slave @ SavageUK
I've uploaded the latest results from last Sundays group games and the fixtures for this Sundays final games for the Savage Super Sunday Q3CTF Cup, find them [here].

SavageUK Super Sunday Q3CTF Cup [Sunday February 4]
Here are the first games of the night:

 sunday february 4

 6pm - Game 1 : [DMN v 7cs]
 6pm - Game 2 : [POTZW v V]
 6pm - Game 3 : [WC v vfc]
 6pm - Game 4 : [nEo v UKSG]

 6:45pm - Game 5 : [oG v SS]
 6:45pm - Game 6 : [MEX v NTS]
 6:45pm - Game 7 : [IQS v HAT]
 6:45pm - Game 8 : [GM v NKO]

I just want to say good luck to all the clans still in the cup and have fun :)
- Slave

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  Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague
 Wednesday January 31 | Updated: Thursday February 1

SavageUK United Kingdom Q3CCTF

TAWM WIN Q3CCTF Pre-Season-1 CUP !
Clan TAWM, 'The Atrocious Wasted Marines', managed to win the 'Pre-Season1' CUP in the SavageUK Q3CCTF League by defeating nAo last night !

results -| quarter-finals | semi-finals | final |

Quarter-Finals - CCTF2
[TAWM v THC] : TAWM wins (25-1)
[nAo v =SU=] : nAo wins (27-0)
[ZP v UKSG] : ZP wins (11-1)
[oG v TF] : TF wins (8-1)

Semi-Finals - CCTF5
[TAWM v TF] : TAWM wins (14-0)
[ZP v nAo] : nAo wins (10-3)

Final - CCTF4
[TAWM v nAo] : TAWM wins (6-1)
Savage CCTF | nAo v ZP
z26.GR gunned down by nAo*Elf, losing the flag...
semi-final | ZP v nAo | (2001)

Congratulations TAWM... [Hall of Fame] Updated :)

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Savage League
[ s a v a g e u k - q 3 c c t f ]

TAWM Savage Q3CCTF CUP Winners
- by [TAWM]Codiac @ TAWM
Weeehaaaaa =]] *BIG SMILE*... We won the Savage Cup ! =] .. And boy.. did we do it nice or did we just do it... like... WOW! =)... I wonna thank my marines for a exellent job. I could see the games by following them on Gamespy and damn I was nervous when gamespy gave misinformations =/.. but all turned out well.. so.. congrats TAWMers!!

Final versus TAWM
- by nAo @ Clan nAo
What a match it was! The setting CCTF4, Desert Cemetery... We had played these guys previously on CCTF1 (part-1 of the cup), and despite their bad pings still gave us a hard ride, so we knew we were gonna have to be on top form. We weren't! TAWM horded the techs very early on, and their defence proved to be nigh on impenetrable. Our cause wasn't helped by only 4 of us being on Roger Wilco, but I'm not making excuses, we were simply outclassed on the night. Excellent play TAWM.

Demos of the Final
[ Admin Pen's Demo ]
[ Admin Andy's Demo ]

  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Wednesday - January 31

Newsflashes | Newsflashes | Newsflashes

ClanBase Q2CTF [ ]
Welcome to the new Q2CTF Cup - by: Oma @
After the break it's almost ready: The new Q2CTF Cup. If i'm not mistaken it will be the biggest Q2CTF Cup we had so far. As you may have noticed, there will be no Wintercup, so before the summer hollidays there will be only 1 Cup. Now for the good part: it will last longer then usual.
You will find some details on the changes we made in the rules here: ClanBase | Q2CTF Cup

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  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL
 Tuesday - January 30 | Updated: Friday February 2

CL/CLL | ChampionsLeague   

BBQ v |tm| - source: Murvel @ ChampionsLeague
The battle BBQ v |tm| (1 and 2 in the ladder) ended in a 9-9 draw in captures [ctf1: 5-1 to tm] [ctf2: 8-4 to BBQ] but BBQ won the war with a 27 frags difference.

[BBQ]Nikodemus: This time |tm| played a lot better than ever before against us, we on the other hand weren't quite as concentrated as we usually are. The result was a few free caps for them in both maps. Pretty fine match nevertheless, we won again.. should I say clearly. ;-) Btw, this was our 99th victory. :-)

BBQ report and demos can be found on their site here : [BBQ v |TM|]

Picture on the right:
Sniper-eye view from [BBQ]FuriouS in an attempt to rail |tm|FETTSON who just stole BBQ's flag... |tm|FETTSON lost flag after [BBQ]ele fragged him with a super-shotgun but |tm|NiGHt was able to pick-up the flag and scored the first capture of the match...

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BBQ v |tm| CL/CLL 29-01-2001

[ ]

CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

update, friday february 2:
ChampionsLeague Report
by Murvel
[BBQ v tm for #1, again :)]

  Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Tuesday January 30

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 4

nEo v CN | s4-week8
nEo versus CN
Q3CTF Season-4 | Week-8, went ahead as scheduled.
- by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF

A good Week 8, allthough a couple of games were postponed the vast majority went ahead as scheduled and hopefully we can continue to operate fairly normally until the situation regarding BarrysWorld is resolved. I expect some definitive news on this in the coming week to 10 days, and no doubt it will be communicated to the games playing public as soon as is possible. We are hopefuly of things being positively resolved, so at least the short term future of the league is secured, and i expect at the very least to have servers for 2-3 weeks so we should be able to get the season completed.

In the Week 9 schedule you will see some of the games which have been postponed from previous weeks so make sure you double check it, i will integrate all of the other games which have been postponed over the next 2-3 weeks schedules. All tables and results should be updated.

Q3CTF Demos: BarrysWorld FTP: [FTP Q3CTF]

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

October 30 2000


  Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes   Newsflashes  
 Monday - January 29

Newsflashes | Newsflashes | Newsflashes

ChampionsLeague Q2CTF [ ]
Tonight : BBQ v |tm|... the numbers 1 and 2 of the ladder
... the match will be played on maps q2ctf2 & q2ctf1

SavageUK United Kingdom Q2CTF | s12 CUP : Delayed one week... - by EluSiVe @
The SavageUK Q2CTF season-12 Cup was originally scheduled to take place yesterday (sunday 28th) but as EluSiVe says on the Savage Q2CTF page:
Due to current server upgrades we will begin the Cup next Sunday (february-4).
Sorry for any inconvience caused.

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