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 CTF Observer | CCTF Death-Row Competition


Welcome on Death-Row :)

This competition has not yet been started:

The Quake3 CCTF | Death-Row competition is totally different from the usual ladder, league or cup formula...

To figure out what this competition is about then go to this section: About ...
The 'about' section with all the rules and things is still beta... things can change...

If this competition cought your intrest and have intentions to play in it then go: Join


 News Thursday October 18 2001
News ? :)
Now that the Threewave CTF mod (CTF/CCTF/CTFR) is released me is thinking about DeathRow again :) ... Afterall we were waiting for CCTF2.0 to start this competition and since CCTF2.0 is part of the Threewave Q3 mod... need i say more? :)