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 CTF Observer | CCTF Death-Row Competition

 About : Philosophy
The CCTF|Death-Row Competition is ment as an extra opportunity to play besides the regular leagues...
To begin with we start with a North-West-European competition open for clans from the UK United Kingdom, Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Benelux: Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.
 About : Goal
The goal is to be on Death-Row for as long as possible... meaning: defeat as many challengers as possible... and with every successfull war to keep the Death-Row position they gain a 'Fiend-Award' :) Clans that earn one or more 'Fiend-Award's enter the Hall of Fame... the clan that earned most 'Fiend-Awards' in a row will lead the Hall of Fame.
 About : Tiers

Clans in the 'Basement' can only challenge one of the three clans in Tier-3.
Clans in Tier-3 can only challenge one of the two clans in Tier-2.
Clans in Tier-2 can only challenge the clan on Death-Row.

A clan on Death-Row is pushed into the basement when it is defeated by its challenger who take over the Death-Row position, some clans from the lower Tiers will move up depending on their achievments/awards:
-> see "Armor-Shards: Purpose"

If more clans join the competition, overflowing the Basement, then the competition will be expanded with a new Tier:
-> see: "Overflowing Basement : Tier Expansion"

If a clan drops out of the competition, resigning:
-> see: "Resigning Clans"
 About : Awards...
There are the 'Fiend-Award's and 'Armor-Shard's awards.
Awards are not just wanna-haves but are actually used in different cases...

First an overview of the Awards:

Only a clan on Death-Row can earn Fiend-Awards.
When a clan on Death-Row defeat a challenger they earn a Fiend-Award.
Any clan that earned one or more Fiend-Awards enter the Hall of Fame.

Fiend-Award: Purpose
The clan with most Fiend-Awards earned in one streak leads the Hall of Fame.
A streak is broken when a clan is pushed out of Death-Row into the basement. (evil grin:}

Only clans in Tiers between Death-Row (top) and the Basement (bottom) can earn 'Armor-Shard' awards.
When a clan in one of the above mentioned Tiers defeat a challenger they earn a Armor-Shard.
When a clan moves to a higher or lower Tier they lose all Armor-Shards they have.
When a clan challenges a clan in a higher Tier but loses then it does not lose any previously earned armor shard.

Armor-Shards: Purpose
Armor-Shards are used in the case when a Clan is pushed out of Death-Row into the basement and thus leaving gaps in the lower Tiers because a new clan moves up into Death-Row leaving a gap in the Tier it came from...

* From the lower Tiers: the clan with most Armor-Shards move up one tier, if 2 or more clans have a same amount of Armor-Shards then the clan that made the most challenges to a clan in the Tier above their current Tier will move up... in any other case a clan will be randomly picked to move up.

* From the Basement: the clan that made the most challenges to a clan in the Tier above the basement will move up... in any other case a clan will be randomly picked to move up, with the exeption of the Clan that came from Death-Row.

           Rune       Fiend-Award   ArmorShard-Award
 Matches : All Tiers...
2 maps of 20 minutes will be played.
The challenger choses 1 map and the defender choses 1 map from the map-list.
The defenders map is played first (!)
Each map must be won with at least 1 capture difference even if 20 minutes match time past away. (overtime: team which makes the first capture wins)
Match result is the result in captures of both maps together.

Both teams chose a server to play their chosen map on.
Both teams must agree with the server choice... if not a new server must be found to play the match on.
 Matches : Tiers between [Death-Row] and the [Basement]
If the challenger wins then that clan takes the place of the defending clan, moving one tier up, the losing clan takes the previous place of the victor, moving one tier down, both clans lose any Armor-Shard award they have...
If the challenger loses then no position changes occur... match result will be logged and available for reference on the site. The defending clan gets an Armor-Shard award. (Challenger keep any armor-shards they have).
 Matches : Battle for [Death Row]
Unlike wars between the lower tiers where the lower-tier-challenger and the higher-tier-defender exchange positions if the challenger wins... in a match for the Death-Row place the defending clan on Death-Row will end up in the basement if they lose :P ... the winning challenger will take the Death-Row spot. If the defending clan on Death-Row manages to defend their spot (win) then they earn a 'Fiend-Award'... the losing challenger clan lose ALL of their armor-shards (if any)
-> see also: 'Goal' and 'Fiend-Award'

In the situation where the challenger won, taking death-row, thus pushing the former death-row clan into the basement then some clans from the lower tiers move up one tier to fill the gaps:
-> see "Armor-Shards: Purpose" for info about which clan moves up!
 Matches : Challenging
Clans who are in the position where they can challenge another clan (all exept clan on DeathRow) must do so at least once a week... if not the clan receives a 'Yellow Card' (not if they can't challenge because all clans in the Tier above are already challenged)... when a clan has 2 yellow cards the clan receive a 'Red Card' and will be teleported into the basement, some clans from the lower tiers move up one tier to fill the gaps:

-> see "Armor-Shards: Purpose" for info about which clan moves up!

If a clan has 2 Yellow Cards (= Red Card) while in the Basement then the clan will be pushed into a Slipgate which teleports them to the 'Dimension of the Doomed' and has to rejoin the competition if they want to continue playing. ;P

On which day and time the match will be played is up to the 2 clans involved... as long as it is in the current week-round.
Yellow & Red Cards :
 Matches : Challenging (2)
Only a clan in a higher tier can be challenged.
A clan can only be challenged when free (not already challenged)

A challenge must be accepted, if not : the clan switches place with the challenger and thus move a tier down, the challenger move one tier up without having a fight. The clan that declined the challenge also recieves a yellow-card and is 'frozen' for the rest of the week which means they cant be challenged or challenge. Two yellow cards is a red-card, which means the clan is transported to the 'Dimension of the Doomed' :)

Any clans living int the 'Dimension of the Doomed' can only re-enter the competition by sign-up again, they then start in the basement (tier-0).

Once a challenge is 'on' (made and accepted) then:
 (A) The match is set !
 (B) The match counts for the week the challenge is made in. (!)
 (C) Both teams have to come to an agreement about:
      1: which servers to play their maps on.
      2: date and time to play the match.
 ( ) Both teams may but do not have to tell the other team their map choice.

(*) if a match is not played or partly played or the clan-leader of a participating clan in the match decline the
     outcome of the match then the Competition-Supervisor will decide what happens next.
(*) a match (played, partly played or not played) is not valid if any of the rules is violated...
     the Competition-Supervisor will decide what happens next.

The updating of tiers will be done after all games (if any) in the current week are played. (!) This is to ensure displaying the correct new situation !
 Initial setup... starting of the competition
To start the death-Row competion at least 8 clans are needed:
one to take Death-row, 2 to fill Tier-2, 3 to fill Tier-3 and 2 or more to reside in the basement :)

The placement of the Clans in the different Tiers will be randomly defined !

Once the positions are taken the competition can start :)
 Overflowing Basement : Tier Expansion
Incase new clans join the competition they start in the Basement... if the Basement becomes larger then the size of the above Tier+1 then the Basement is turned into a new Tier containing the current basement clans... a new Basement is created in the bottom.
 Resigning clans / Tier Shrunking
When a clan drops from the competition while in a Tier other then the Basement then the same mechanism outlined at "Armor-Shards: Purpose" will be used to fill the gaps.
If necessarry the competition will shrunk by one Tier...
In this competition only the following maps are allowed to be played:
*) All maps included in the latest CCTF Version.
 Coverage ...
Any match between the Clan on Death-Row and the challenger will be fully covered in a match-report complete with action shots and published on the CTF Observer site :) with links to demos.