Interview with [FUSE]MadHof by: Ebola Monday April 17 
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Interview with [FUSE]MadHof
About FUSE's Q2CTF Revival War...
by: Ebola - April 17 2000

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Ebola: hi :)
MadHof: hi there =)
Ebola: So... fuse played with 3 fuse players against SIC instead of K13 :) ... you and 2 other members of fuse played... who played? :)
MadHof: Me, Anime and Ugglan from fuse, and also trade but he could just play 2 maps... don't remember =) hehehee
Ebola: Do you know I played with Anime yesterday on xs... he was warming up for the war :)
I was lucky... he joined my team ;) ... I have a screenshot of it ;P
MadHof: ahaa yes he played all afternoon on different servers...
hahahah coool ..

[FUSE]anime warmingup on xs4all...
Ebola: so... you played against sic and not against k13.... couldn't k13 play ?
MadHof: yes thats right we played against sic and some other dudes [oss]denkan helped them out and there were some other players too
k13 couldnt play.. only 3 of them were online and only 2 with q2ctf...
Ebola: to bad... :))
MadHof: yea booring ..
Ebola: how did the teamplay of fuse go after such a 'long time' ? :)
MadHof: hehehehe teamplay whats that ? ;)
Ebola: lol
so you all just played and see how it went ? :)
MadHof: yea it was more of a fun game then just trying to play with the teamplay like we did before.
Ebola: yes, i know it was a war just for fun... but... a little bit tp would be nice ;P gege
MadHof: it was fun... we did put up a good fight... and we won ctf5 with 4-3 =)
Ebola: How many maps did you play ?
are there demos ? :)
MadHof: We played 3 maps.. ctf1, 2 and 5. I have demos on my pov on all maps... I give them to you tonight.
Ebola: Okidoki... then I'll make some screenshots and add them to this interview later... I'll put the demos online for download :)
MadHof: åkai =) coool
Ebola: So.. you played 3 maps... and won one ;PPP
MadHof: Jupps, it was damn fun it was a closefight on all maps....
Ebola: Thats nice.... I hate matches with 32-0 scores :)
MadHof: ... if we had put a lineup with all fuse members maybe we could have won =) but thats not importent we played it for fun... and suuure it was damn fuuun =)
Ebola: I know it was for fun :)
why couldn't all fuse members play ?
MadHof: Hitman =para was on cpl... divine I think had to go to london for his work... and nc dunno were he went .. =)
Ebola: k... wich position did you play.... offense... quad control ?
MadHof: I played mid and attack... yes i had some nice quad attacks... unfortunetly they had amp in there base =)
... they put up a real hard defence on ctf5, somtimes 4 people in the base !
Ebola: wussies ;P
MadHof: heheheheheheh yea ........... I just attacked and attacked and attacked....
Ebola: ... and made captures ?
MadHof: nooppss... I shot on the enemy and anime, and hentai who played with us, went for the flag... and it worked =)
Ebola: So you killed everyone who tried to kill your fc :)
MadHof: yes some times i did =)
Techs went forward and backwards between the bases a lot on ctf5... so it was damn fun !
Once we had amp, then they had amp, and we got it back and so on =)
Ebola: It's hard to get flag when enemy has amp in ctf5... you have to attack with 3 people...
MadHof: especially when they have 3 on defence and one in the basment shooting on the teleporter which i hate... lame
Ebola: yes me2 hates that... campers ;P
they were just scared.... thats why they all defended :P
gege.... strange... it was a friendly fight and they still where afraid.. o well ;)
MadHof: hahahahahahhaa, yeah, old fuse repetation ;)
Ebola: Okidoki... I have enough to make a story in my little observer :)
I have to edit it all and get it into understandable English :P
so.... if you look later this day you'll see this interview :)
MadHof: åkaiii cooool =)
Ebola: I'll save the interview under archives also... in observer... and add shots later when I have your demos...
oki ? :)
MadHof: åkai =)
Ebola: thank you for this little interview :)
MadHof: sure no problem =) my teacher wonders what I'm doing now so I have to explain what this was all about =)
Ebola: you are famous now ;)
MadHof: Hah ah HAh HAhHA
wasn't I famous before ?! ;;)
Ebola: sure ;)
MadHof: hehehehhe
Ebola: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
MadHof: bye =)