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Upcoming League Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Break
Next season: September 11 2000

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup Break
Next cup: Fall 2000

Savage League Q2CTF September 3
Week-1 [season11]

Savage League Q2 3tCTF September 3
Week 9 (of 10) [season5]

Savage League Q2 3tCTF CUP
September - 2000

NSL Q2CTF Round 3 Group-Matches

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup Break
Next cup: Fall 2000

Savage League Q3CTF September 3
Week-4 (Season2)

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF September 3/4
Week-3 (season 3)

Savage Q3CCTF soon...
first season.

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Tears     Tears     Tears     Tears     Tears
 Sunday - September 3

        TEARS Q2CTF New Ladder/Tier System (Part-2)
- by Voodoo & Won @ TEARS

THC have challenged WkB in what will be the first game in the Tears league. This first game is bascially a test of the site (map generation and servers, etc).

It will all end in TEARS...
Tears is an uncomplicated ladder (tier) system designed with the q2ctf community in mind. Rule changes will be decided by the people that play within it. The best feature of tears is that when it settles down, teams will be playing other teams of similar ability to themselves. The random map generator will introduce some element of chance. Teams will not know what map they are playing until just before the game. Good luck, and keep some tissues handy. - [tears] Voodoo & Won

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Find out more:

SavageUK     SavageUK     SavageUK     SavageUK     SavageUK
 Friday - September 1

New League

New League

New League

New League

New League

New League

New League
      SavageUK Q2CTF New League

New Midweek League - by Rico @ SavageUK
This league will run on Wednesday nights, starting from approximately 8pm (that's 9pm cet), depending on the number of clans participating.

The league will run with whichever settings are chosen as the most popular by the clans registering to take part.

  Amongst the settings that clans can vote upon are:
   Team size, Period length, Scoring, Maps, BFG, Railgun,
   Offhand grapple, Spawn times and Overtime.

Registration for the SavageUK Q2CTF Midweek League is now open!
To register your clan, pop along to the [registration page].

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      Savage League
[Savage Q2CTF]

noll8-lan2     noll8-lan2     noll8-lan2     noll8-lan2     noll8-lan2
 Wednesday - August 30

Euro QuakeCTF *Hall of Fame*
- by Ebola

I've added clan |tm| to the * Hall of Fame * !
|tm| won the noll8-lan2 Q2CTF title... Congratulations |tm| ! :)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *



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Stockholm Sweden NOLL8-LAN2 Sweden Sweden
q2ctf - |tm| the virial theorem victorious ! - by Ebola

Last weekend NOLL8 organised a Q2DM/CTF LAN in Stockholm Sweden, featuring all the scandinavian top clans and players. The final was won by |tm| with a 12-1 win over cls (ctf1/ctf2).

Q2CTF Top 3 Results:
 1) [tm] [site]
 2) [cls] [site]
 3) [sic] [site]

|tm|fuel: We sent five players up to Stockholm this last weekend to compete in the very popular Noll8 LAN. It seems that WeirD found his place in our ranks quickly since we were actually able to win the whole tournament. Beating CLS in the final by 12-1 (CTF1 0-1, CTF2 12-0). Our other players were: Exq, JooZ, Fettson and TGF. Well done guys! And huge thanks to o8 for making this LAN possible. We'd also like to thank Exq's brother Plexe who filled in until WeirD got his monitor working.


NOLL8-LAN2 links: [] | [demo archive]



 Wednesday - August 30

        Q3 CCTF Mod ClassicCTF - News...

Powerscreen Poll - by Hb0mb @ cctf - ClassicCTF
Since there have been many posts placed about the powerscreen on the messageboard we have decided to put it up for vote. So, place your vote here for whether or not you want the powerscreen left in for 1.0. (And, nat only vote once ;)

Go vote on the CCTF Site

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CCTF 0.99c will be the LAST BETA version of CCTF... All weapon physics will remain the Quake3 default values.
[CCTF Site]

Skjalfti 3 | 2000     Skjalfti 3 | 2000     Skjalfti 3 | 2000     Skjalfti 3 | 2000     Skjalfti 3 | 2000
 Monday - August 28

Euro QuakeCTF *Hall of Fame*
- by Ebola

I've added clan ICE to the * Hall of Fame * !
ICE won the Icelandic Skjalfti3|2000 Q3CTF Tournament... Congratulations ICE ! :) (again ;P)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *


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Icelandic Iceland Skjalfti 3 | 2000 Iceland Tournament
Q3CTF ICE Victorious again !
- by Ebola

Clan ICE won the Icelandic Q3CTF Skjalfti3|2000 Tourney held in Kopovogur in the weekend of August 25/27. ICE defeated MurK in the final...

Q3CTF Finals:
ICE-C defeat MurK-A in the winners bracket. (3-0 in wctf2)
MurK-A defeat ICE-A in the losers bracket.
* CTF Double Elimination scheme

A Little More On SkjŠlfti|2000...
Every year there are 4 Skjalfti tourneys held in Iceland in wich all the Icelandic clans come together and compete in Quake...

Related clan links: Clan ICE - Clan MurK

SkjŠlfti Site and Pictures...
The English version of the Icelandic SkjŠlfta|2000 tournament, including pictures, can be found Here

More pictures of the event can be found: Here

Overview...                           Woopz & Tweety

Iceland Q3CTF


SavageUK Q2 3teamCTF     SavageUK Q2 3teamCTF     SavageUK Q2 3teamCTF     SavageUK Q2 3teamCTF
 Monday - August 28

        SavageUK Q2 3tCTF 3-Team-CTF

DaMaK's Predictions... - by Slave @ SavageUK
Savage Columnist DaMaK has done a roundup of the up and coming Week 9 games in the 3 Team CTF League .. You can find it Here.
Please remember that these games will be played on the 3rd of September.

| More details on 3tCTF can be found here: [Savage Q2 3tCTF] |

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