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CTF Observer is in Holiday mode/mood... which means that the news may or may not be updated the rest of August :)
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Upcoming League Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Break
Next season: September 11 2000

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup Summer Cup

Savage League Q2CTF s10 Cup
August 13 & 20 Won by BBC !

Savage League Q2CTF break
Next season: Season-11 - September 3

Savage League Q2 3tCTF August 27
Week 9 (season5)

Savage League Q2 3tCTF CUP
September - 2000

Summer Break until August 28

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup Summer Cup

Savage League Q3CTF August 27
Week-4 (Season2)

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF September 3/4
Week-3 (season 3)

Savage League Q3cCTF CCTF beta Cup
August 15 ... Final: August 22 won by raGe !

Savage Q3CCTF soon...
first season.

 [Hall of Fame]

Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

European QuakeCTF *Hall of Fame*
- by Ebola

I added raGe (retaliated artificial Genetic enemy) to the * Hall of Fame * Clan raGe won the first SavageUK Q3CCTF Beta99c CUP... Congratulations raGe !

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *

Savage League

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Savage Q3CCTF Cup - raGe win CCTF Cup
- by >>>IT<<< @

Congradulations, to raGe for their 6-0 win tonight agaisnt OG. This makes them the first CCTF Cup winners. OG were unlucky, as they couldn't keep 6 on the server. But rages Quad domination really held the game for them. A demo of the game can be found here.
[Savage Q3CCTF]

*raGe*Grem: Thanks for the game guys, i must say you dont see this kind of sportsmanship much, but you showed us its still there, and its very nice :)
Once again thnx, oG, IT (busy admin), and all the other clans/admins.
Savage Q3CCTF
Beta99c CUP


European QuakeCTF *Hall of Fame*
- by Ebola

I added BBC (BigBastardClan) to the * Hall of Fame *
BBC won Season 10 of the SavageUK Q2CTF League & s10 CUP... Congratulations BBC ! :) A Double !

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *

Savage League

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Savage Q2CTF - BBC do the double!
- by tom @

Congrats to the Big Bastard Clan [BBC] who last Sunday did the double by winning the savage Q2CTF s10-Cup...
Second place were raGe who were defeated 12-1 in the final, third place going jointly to HC and LE.

It was a fun affair and thanks go out to all admins & everyone that helped with the cup. Good job :)

[Savage Q2CTF]
Savage Q2CTF
Season 10
s10 Cup


Summer Holiday updates...     Summer Holiday updates...     Summer Holiday updates...

Sunday - August 27

        A quiet QuakeCTF weekend
The QuakeCTF competition is slow this weekend.

The UK leagues like SavageUK and BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF are having a 1 week break due to the Insomnia 5 lan in the UK

The ClanBase SummerCup sees only one game to be played, a q2ctf cup match between raGe and DTF... raGe won al 3 matches they played so far and DTF won 1 and lost 2...

Good news for the Scandinavian region is that the CL/CLL ChampionsLeague ( will be back online in september with Q2CTF, Q2DM, Q3CCTF and Q3DM leagues...
Everyone participating in a Q2CTF match now must use the Xania proxie which is from now on the official proxy of the CL. The purpose for this is to get rid of spike-cheats and other proxies. I believe [CL/CLL]Prayer talked with the maker of xania about making a light version of xania for league usage... this light version checks only for models and proxies and doesn't include the automatic dead and item pickup messages.

Speaking of the Scandinavian region... this weekend there is a LAN in Stockholm Sweden organised by clan NOLL8 and I believe there are about 100 people...

This morning I was on IRC in the CL/CLL channel #thescene and asked:

|Ebola|: What's going on on the noll8lan ? :)
|indi| : O heard zire went to the hospital :D (too much booze)
|Ebola|: Ogh ;) LOL really ?
|indi| : Those swedes dont just know how to drink.. dont they ?
|Ebola|: In finland they know right ? ;P
|indi| : Finland, oh yes we are the champions :D

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Thursday - August 24

      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 3 News
- by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF

Week 2...
All results and tables up to date.

Short Break...
There is now a weeks break for the league. This is due to the BWEC taking place which effects a few clans/admins, and the Insomnia 5 lan in the UK which will effect a number of UK based clans. I could have scheduled some games around this, but rather than have a bitty weekend resulting in loads of rescheduled games i decided a clean weeks break was best thing to do.

I will use this extra time to try and source a couple of replacement clans as 1 or 2 of the 64 entrants have withdrawn. I will confirm and post the schedule out for Week 3 on monday of next week.

Week 3...
This break also gives new clans a chance to get and learn the custom maps coming up. Week 3 sees the use of Q3MLCTF4 from the MapLab CTF pak. You can get this pak Here , and must have it to play the game on it in Week 3.

Think ahead, Week 6...
I would also advise all participants to grab Harshg and Gefsctf2 if you have not allready. Whilst these 2 are not used until Week 6 and beyond, it is advisable to get as much practice in on them as possible. You can play the on the public BarrysWorld Q3CTF servers.

You can find demos of some of the leagues games on the BarrysWorld FTP:
[FTP Season3] is where to point ya browsers/ftp clients. Each week more demos will be added, so its worth checking back regularly.

More at: [BWQ3L-CTF]

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

Tuesday - August 22

s10 CUP

s10 CUP

s10 CUP
      SavageUK Q2CTF BBC won s10 CUP !

BBC Double - by Andy @ SavageUK
Congratulations to BBC, who won through yesterday in the Cup, beating raGe in the final 12-0. This means they have done the double, also winning division 1 in the league.... [more @ savageuk]

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      Savage League

[Savage Q2CTF]

        Savage Q3CCTF Cup - Final Today ! (tuesday august 22)
The final of the first Savage Q3CCTF Cup will be played Today !
Finalists raGe and OG will battle it out on CCTF4 "Desert Cemetary".
| More details can be found here: [Savage Q3cCTF] |

Savage Q2CTF Season 11 Start Postponed - by Rico @
The start of Season 11 of the UK's first and longest running Q2 CTF League has been postponed for one week.

Challenge the Council
As we have postponed the Q3 and Q2 CTF leagues this coming Sunday, we thought it was high time you had another chance to pummel us into submission on the battle field. We therefore invite Q2 CTF clans to challenge the Savage Council to a standard Savage rules match on the map of their choice (as long as it's on the Savage servers).

| More details can be found here: [Savage Q2CTF] |

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      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 3

Week 2 - by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF
Just a quickie to say that S - Scorchio have left the league and as such all their games will now be default wins to their opponent.

Also some players seem unaware that the BarrysWorld dial-up number is now changed. You can use your old account details still but you need to dial 0845-620-9548 now. If you do not currently have a BarryDial account you can read more about it (and create one) by going [Here] here.

You can find demos of some of the leagues games on the BarrysWorld FTP:
[FTP Season3] is where to point ya browsers/ftp clients. Each week more demos will be added, so its worth checking back regularly.

More at: [BWQ3L-CTF]

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

Savage 3tCTF
Season 4


3 Team CTF

3 Team CTF

3 Team CTF

3 Team CTF

3 Team CTF
      SavageUK Q2 3tCTF Week 8 (season 5)

Week 8 - IF take 2 scalps... - by [savage]LJ

Division-1: IF beat both DS and PS in their 2nd win of the season. A rather two sided match saw both DS and IF swapping places for first place throughout the game. The poor 4 man PS team got picked on just slighty, in quite an amusing and friendly game. NKO got their first win of the season in a close battle with LD50 and AFT, and so move further away from the relegation spot but can still be beaten by AFT if they win both their last matches and NKO lose theirs.

Division-2: Division2 sav ZOO and GnA stomp all over UKSG winning comfortably. Meanwhile FRE go back to 2nd place with a win over TJD and WkB, leaving UKSG and WkB on level points still but their "cap" difference getting ever closer to the same.

3tCTF Action Shot
[TJD]KMT defends fc [TJD]Mr^B by
cutting [WkB]Sp33dy in half with a
chaingun, Mr^B made the capture!

Division-1: PS, DS, IF, LD50, NKO, AFT
Division-2: ZOO, FRE, GNA, TJD, UKSG, WKB

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Savage League

[Savage Q2 3tCTF]

The Savage Q2 3tCTF league (CTF with 3 teams) is a friendly league for enjoyable teamplay, No swearing at others or about the server... the league is played without Techs and Quad. One game of 30 minutes is played. Winner gets 3 points, Second gets 2, Third gets 1 point... the score is based on captures only.

        Q3 CCTF Mod ClassicCTF - News...

CCTF Site Redesign - by Kerbuffel @
The Classic CTF site has been given a makeover, done by RD-Mase. The new design looks quite spiffy, with all sorts of hammers and lightning. For those of you not in the know, Classic CTF is an incredibly cool quake 3 mod that brings back all the cool stuff from Quake/2 CTF, and puts it in Quake 3 CTF. It's a blast to play, and one of those 'must-have' mods for Quake 3. Check it out: CCTF Site

Classic CTF Interview - by Kerbuffel @
Admin Central has snagged an IRC interview with the CCTF mod team.
It's a nice interview, so check it out: Interview

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CCTF 0.99c will be the LAST BETA version of CCTF... All weapon physics will remain the Quake3 default values.
[CCTF Site]