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[*] Hall of Fame Icelandic Championships: Hux (q3ctf)
[*] BWQ3L-CTF Week 7...

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Upcoming League Rounds

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup break
Next Cup: Summer (fun) Cup

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup break
Next Cup: Summer (fun) Cup

Savage League Q2CTF July 2
Season 10: week 3

Savage League Q2 3tCTF July 2
Season-5: Week 2

Savage League Q3CTF July 2
Season-1: Week 7

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF July 2-3
Season-2: Week 7
replays Week5: at end of season [i]

NSL Q2CTF June 26 - July 2
Week 1 Replay: [NL-UK]
Break: June 19 - July 2 / Continues on July 3

 [Hall of Fame]

Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added clan HUX to the * Hall of Fame * !
HUX won the Icelandic Q3CTF championships... Congratulations HUX ! :)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *


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Q3CTF Iceland Icelandic Championships
       HUX Victorious ! - by Ebola

Last weekend the Icelandic IQ2k tournament took place (quake3) In the CTF / CCTF tournament Icelandic clans like ICE, Hux, PhD, K, Murk did compete... Clan Hux won the final versus Clan ICE.
- íslandsmót í quake 2000: [ iq2k ] [brackets]

Related clan links: Clan Hux - Clan ICE

Hux icelandic ctf champions! - by [hux]dael

The icelandic quake 3 championships were held this past weekend. Hux managed first place in dmtp and ctf. In the ctf finals we played ice-a. the first game was played on q3wctf1 and went 0-0 (big surprise there eh?:) we won the second game 2-1 on q3wctf2 and we won the third game as well with final score at 4 - 1.

Icelandic Championships
June 25 2000



BWQ3L-CTF BarrysworldQ3League CTF
Season 2: Week 7

Week 7 has been played on Sunday and Monday.
You can find details of who goes where in the
Tables and Fixture sections on the BWQ3L-CTF site.

During the course of this season FlameTop and other match admins have been recording some demos. You can find these by going to (ftp bwq3ctfl) If you have any demos that you wish to put on the BarrysWorld ftp space, please upload them to the incoming directory on the same ftp and we will move them to a publically available location on the ftp site.

The Map list for the upcoming rounds:
 Week 8 - Q3MLCTF4
 Week 9 - Q3WCTF3

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