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Reports from the European QuakeCTF front


[*] YM League Q1 NQCTF: Round 3 (updated)
[*] New Map Q2CTF: 'Dragon Reborn'
[*] SavageUK Q3CTF: Clan E Champions
[*] Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF: Week-6 (season3).
[*] CPL CTF ?
[*] SavageUK Q2 3tCTF: s5 CUP...

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Upcoming League Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Round-3 (Sep.25 - Oct.1)
[QF1 v KOI] - [DE v BAR] - [MC v Brutal]

ClanBase Q2CTF CUPs Fall 2000
week2: [sep.25 - Oct.1]

Savage League Q2CTF October 1
Week-5 [season11] q2ctf2k1

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-5 finished
 * DS Champions !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF CUP
September 24: Group rounds.
October 1: Semi-finals and Final.

NSL Q2CTF Season-1 finished
 * Finland Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUPs Fall 2000
Week1: [sep.25-oct.1]

Savage League Q3CTF Season-2 finished
 * Clan E Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF October 1-2
Week-Round-7 (season 3)

Savage Q3CCTF Delayed
... delayed.

 [Hall of Fame]

YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF     YM League Q1 NQCTF
 Friday - September 29

      YM League NQCTF

Friday - September 29
Round-3: DE v BAR - source: YourMother @ nqctf
The first war for round 3 of the YM league II has been played. It was a war between the clans DE and BAR. DE won the war (2 - 0 therefore) but especially the last map was a close one. Too bad there were some connectivity problems again. Destiny[BAR] made a warreport, read it here : [DE v BAR]

Speaking of clan BAR (Barbarians)... the war versus DE was their first war after the clan's 250-online-wars-played Milestone... :

Capt.ConaN[BAR] : This week, the Barbarians played their 250th online war! This was a Q3-DM war against the good guys of the Damage Crew. We have an extensive amount of warreports on our site from various games, like NormalQuake-CTF, Quakeworld, Half-life Counterstrike, Quake3 and Unreal Tournament. Stop by Barbarians if you are bored on a rainy afternoon :)

Round-3 Schedule (September 25... October 1)
 [QF1 v KOI] - [DE v BAR] - [MC v Brutal] | No game this round: CN

YM League II   Q1 NQCTF   YM League II   Q1 NQCTF   YM League II

Tuesday - September 26
Round-2 Completed - source: YourMother @ nqctf
Well round 2 of the YM league has been completed now. DE won the war against QF1. Haven't heard anything about the match but i have seen the screenshots on the DE page and i guess both levels were pretty close.

The full roundup of round 2 is :
[QF1 v DE: 0-2] - [BAR v CN: 0-2] - [KOI v Brutal: 0-2]

YM League II   Q1 NQCTF   YM League II   Q1 NQCTF   YM League II

Monday - September 25
CN v BAR - source: YourMother @ nqctf
(round-2 match)
A few days ago another war for the second round of the YM league II was played between BAR and CN. The war was won by CN meaning a 2 - 0 victory for one of the favorites for the YM league II title. Afterwards there was some discussion about the presence of Fever from the VVV clan. Since VVV is not playing in the YM league II (or is just plain dead :) As the rules clearly state : a player may play for a clan as long as he has not played for another participating clan during the YM league II.

Warreports Site - source: YourMother @ nqctf
Destiny from the BAR clan has made a site for warreports. It was intended as a warreport site for BAR wars only, but Destiny has told me he would post ALL warreports played no clanwars there. | []

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War result is based on map wins (points, not captures). Two maps are played, the map winner receives 1 point, a draw results in 0.5 points for both clans.

[NQCTF / YM League]

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Q2CTF Map News    Map News    Map News    Map News    Map News    Map News
 Thursday - September 28

        'Dragon Reborn' | New Q2CTF Map by Cygnus    - source: Talita @
Cygnus of clan ZP has made a new q2ctf map called 'Dragon Reborn'.
The map is best suited for matches with teams of 5 to 6 players (thats most matches I guess :-) and contains a few trickjumps that are preferable to using the grapple in some cases.

Ebola: At first sight the map looks a bit big but after you spend a few minutes exploring the routes you'll see it isn't so big after all... It's a fast map... you can grapple or strafe-jump trough the whole map very fast...

Author Cygnus: Dragon Reborn is a map designed for war playing. The basic layout is a 2 bases a mid, and interconnects. The map is normal sized and contains a quad on the midfield. The map actually contains a few trickjumps wich are preferable over the grapple in some situations.

Cr3w: (on savageuk boardroom) Put that dragon map on server 2. It rocks HARD. Very fast map with nice center area and tooling room near railgun. V.nice map, go on u know u want to....

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Map Shot


SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK
 Thursday - September 28

        Thursday - September 28
SavageUK Q3CTF - by Slave @ SavageUK
After the excitement that was Season 3 Insanity over at Challenge-EU has done a round up of the Season .. [Round up]

Note that Slave at SavageUK talks about Season-3 and Insanity at Challenge-EU talks about Season-2... It's like this: The first season was a try-out season (Season-0), call it an 'un-official' season if you like... The second season (Season-1) was the first 'official' season and The third season (Season-2), is the season which is just over :)

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Monday - September 25
European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added clan Clan E to the Hall of Fame !

Clan E won Season-2 of SavageUK Q3CTF League !
Congratulations Clan E !

The winners of the lower divisions of SavageUK Q3CTF are also added to the list...

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *


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Monday - September 25
Clan E win Savage Q3CTF - by Slave @ SavageUK
In an exciting final game of the season Clan E beat Clan nEo in an "end of season decider" ..

Watched by hundreds of people via Qtv in both Europe and the States E went 1-0 up in the first game .. which gave an extra edge to the way nEo played in the second game as they knew that had to win to keep their 3 point lead in Division One. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and E held onto a 0-0 score in the 2nd. This gave E an overall score of 4 points to clinch the Savage Q3CTF League Division One Title. Well Done E .. and unlucky to clan nEo despite playing a very good game.

Related clan links: Clan E | Clan nEo

Savage League

Clan E win title for the second time! - by Ethereal @ Clan E
Kudos to NEO, they put up a tough fight, and it is really nasty for them to lose on a single capture. We will meet them again in the Clanbase Eurocup, and we are looking forward to it. But for now:

p.s Thanks go out to Demoplex and Clanbase for providing the QTV, and to the Savage admins (Slave, Odee, Elusive, MrsB and the guys).



United Kingdom

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF     BWQ3L-CTF
 Tuesday - September 26

Random Q3CTF Shot
      BarrysWorld BWQ3L-CTF Season 3

Week 6 - by BigFoot @ BWQ3L-CTF
Despite the complete mess that was the Q3 version 1.25 release by id, the league went pretty smoothly.

As usual, the response to the map ( was mixed. I saw a lot of positive feedback, and a fair bit of criticism too. Scores on the whole were very low, and whilst this may have been due to a very defensive style the map dictates it also lead to some very tight, nerve wracking games. If you want this map kept in the league, let me know. If you want it out for next season, let me know.

All the scores and tables are up to date, a couple of clans have withdrawn so their games will now all be default wins to the opponents..

You can find demos of some of the leagues games on the BarrysWorld FTP: [FTP Season3] is where to point ya browsers/ftp clients. Each week more demos will be added, so its worth checking back regularly.

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-----[ BWQ3L-CTF ]-----

There is a change to the prize on offer for Division1 this season. The winning clan will now be able to choose from the current prize (vouchers + bw stuff), or a dedicated port on one of our rentable clan servers which will be coming online soon + bw stuff.

CPL - Cyberathlete Professional League -    CPL    CPL    CPL    CPL    CPL    CPL    CPL
 Tuesday - September 26


Why doesn't the CPL host CTF tournaments at the CPL events ?

Angel Munoz:
CPL Founder / President
A common misconception is that the CPL chooses their games besed on popularity, it doesn't.
We choose our games based on a number of different reasons including how easy it is for the general public to follow and understand. Teamplay is quite complex and this is the first team tournament the league has ever held (q3 team dm). Give us a chance to make cautious first steps and maybe in the future we can determine if CTF is another valuable alternative.

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SavageUK Q2 3tCTF    SavageUK Q2 3tCTF    SavageUK Q2 3tCTF    SavageUK Q2 3tCTF    SavageUK Q2 3tCTF
 Monday - September 25

      SavageUK Q2 3-Team-CTF

First round finished ... - by LJ @ SavageUK

Nearly an upset for ZOO who struggled to get players connecting to the server but never the less made it into the Semi final by clinching 3rd place in their division. IF won that division with GnA taking 2nd spot. In the other division DS got maximun points (as did IF) with Hg scrapping 2nd spot on CAP difference over HC. Semi Finals are now up.

Check out the CUP page at SavageUK here: 3tCTF CUP

[zoo]Ebola : Bah, looked forward to this cup for 2 weeks but when the games started all I and some other team members had where connection problems and overflows every 3 or 4 minutes :( ... The one game that I could play reasonably was the first one versus GnA and FRE... I noticed GnA had nice defence positions :)
Result of this game: ZOO-FRE-GnA: 7-2-7 ... We (zoo) had more frags but they don't count :) This was a nice game.

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Q2 3tCTF

1st October 2000
14:00 (15:00 CET)

Semi-final-1 - DS v GnA v HC
Semi-final-2 - IF v Hg v ZOO

14:45 (15:45 CET)