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 Headlines Main Editor: Ebola!! Easter Weekend - April 22/23/24 
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Headlines Easter Weekend - April 22/23/24

[*] Q3CTF Friendly International [PhD]Psychotic Head Drillerz v [CN]Chopstick Ninjas
[*] ClanBase CTF Q2/Q3 Ladders/Cups matches - updated
[*] Easter Justice Cup * HC win the Justice Cup! * - updated
[*] CL/CLL Q2CTF Match results... - updated
[*] Non Euro Competition News - updated

[*] CTF Observer at
[*] CTF Observer at

Q3CTF Friendly   International   Q3CTF Friendly   International   Q3CTF Friendly   International

Q3CTF Friendly International ... PhD Iceland versus CN Denmark
[PhD]Psychotic Head Drillerz versus [CN]Chopstick Ninjas

thursday match, friday report
Scrimmage against the Chopstick Ninjas - by [PhD]Twister -
PhD had a scrimmage match against the Danish Q3CTF and QWDMTP champions, Chopstick Ninjas, last night. Those were two higly intense battles and both teams showed some great skills.

The first half was played at the PhD server on Q3WCTF2. PhD had an avg ping of 50 and CN had an avg. ping of 90. The match began very equally. PhD made the first cap but after some intense minutes the score was 3 - 3 with 5 minutes remaining. Then CN grabbed our flag and made it all the way in front of their flag when Twister plasma gunned their carrier and retured their flag. This lead to some havoc in the CN defence and Active managed to make PhD's 4th capture and the first half score was PhD 4 - CN 3. This was supposedly the first time CN lost a map.

The second half was played at CN's server. The map played was Q3WCTF2 :) PhD had an avg. ping of 100 and CN had an avg ping of 50. The match started out pretty equally and after 8 minutes the score was 2 - 2. Then suddenly PhD's powerups control collapsed and CN made two quick caps with 2 of their players having the haste at the same time. With only 5 minutes remaining on the clock PhD put one defender on offence for what remained of the match but instead of a PhD capture CN made one last capture against our 1 manned defence :/ Second half score was PhD 2 - CN 5.

TOTAL SCORE: PhD 6 - CN 8... Good games Chopstick Ninjas.

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ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

Q2CTF Benelux Cup Spring 2000

sunday match
ZP v SQA: 11-4 - (ctf1/ctf5)
q2ctf1: ZP was more effective with quad and overtook SQA's base several times. The game was even till 2-2 but then ZP took the doc from the defence of SQA and the made 4 more caps. Zieke Puppies ! win by 6 to 2.
q2ctf5: FiLCoN already told me they were gonna leave at 21.45 because they had a game in the savage eastercup. So we started the map and with still 9 minutes on the clock, SQA left. Some nice defending by Stealth and CoolKillaH. Zieke Puppies ! win by 5 to 2.
Conclusion: I don't think SQA really stood a chance, mainly because they had some bad lag on the clanbase server, so we changed to xsmatch for the second map. Both teams GG.
PS: BBC reached final of savagecup but lost to HC in overtime.

Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

sunday match
RiP v XnC: 7-7 - (ctf5/lfctf1)
Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

Q2CTF International Ladder

sunday match
WYB v RiP: 35-0 - (ctf1/ctf5) - [ WYB Netherlands - RiP Netherlands ]
A Match report (in Dutch) made by [WYB]Darkie! can be found at here: [ report ]

Q2CTF Dutch Ladder

sunday match
GD v BAD: 12-1 - (ctf2/ctf1)

saturday match
HC v ZP: 21-0 - (ctf1/ctf5)

Q3CTF Benelux Cup Spring 2000

sunday match
E v p: 4-0 - (wctf1/ctf3)
WCTF1: 'After only 4 minutes the score was already 2-0 in advantage of E...'
CTF3: 'Most of the battles were fought on the midfield...'

A match report made by Lucky can be found at ClanBase here: [ report ]
Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

sunday match
Cx v IQS: 2-1 - (wctf1/wctf3)
WCTF1: 'After 5 minutes it was clear that Cx & IQS would be very evenly matched...'
WCTF3: 'Both clans seemed rather defense-oriented...'

A match report made by Ethereal can be found at ClanBase here: [ report ]
Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

[admin]Ethereal: Clan Cx manages to topple clan IQS with a single capture. Needless to say, both clans are very evenly matched and should be looking forward to arranging a rematch in the future. All capture runs and captures are recorded on the demo, take a look at it if you wish. Don't forget to bring some popcorn and watch this thrill of a match with some friends ;-)

friday match
IQS v QDB 14-1 - (wctf3/ctf2)
WCTF3: 'IQS win by 6 to 0'
CTF2: 'IQS win by 8 to 1'

Scoreshots made by Talita can be found at ClanBase here: [ shots ]
Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

friday match
WD v sQ 9-0 - (wctf1/wctf3)
WCTF1: 'WD seemed to have the upper hand on the midfield...'
WCTF3: 'Both clans got away with their opponent's flag quite a lot...'

A Match report made by Ethereal can be found at ClanBase here: [ report ]
Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

[admin]Ethereal: Even though WD is mainly known for its DeathMatching skills, it has shown to be able to play quite a good game of CTF as well. sQ were new to the game and were unable to resist WD's firing power.

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Justice Cup   Justice Cup   Justice Cup   Justice Cup   Justice Cup

monday report
Q2CTF Easter Justice Cup * HC win the Justice Cup *

In what must go down in history as one of the most exciting Cup Finals ever The Happy Chaps beat The Big Bastard Clan 6-5 in the final of Sunday's Justice Easter Cup.

With the game going to 5-0 to HC it looked a forgone conclusion that HC were going to win it. But BBC kept the pressure up and dragged it back to 5-5. The 40 min game then ended with both Clans holding the others flag after a 10 min stalemate which meant it went into sudden death with HC claiming the cup with one last 'golden' cap.

by - Slave @ -
the jump off point for the UK CTF gamer.

Demo of Final
Get the demo of the cup final here:
[ Demo ]
    [justice cup]Rico : @ [ SavageUK Boardroom ]

Thank you to all the clans that played inthe cup, and those people who helped me admin the games. I think it was a successful evening, barring a few things... got off to a bad start when two of the servers I was using crashed, but from then on it went pretty smoothly.

Congratulations to HappyChaps who took the spoils in the final from Big B*stard Clan. It was a thrilling final. It looked like HC had it all sewn up at 5-0, and we were just waiting for the fat gal to open her mouth, but then the BBC mounted a fantastic comeback to level the match at 5-5. It stayed in flag stalemate for the last 10 minutes of the game IIRC (a 40 minute game on RTCTF1cer2), and that meant a draw!

A draw? Oh no, that would never do. So the match went into "Golden cap" overtime! Oh yes! No quads, no techs, just players, weapons and grapples... Both clans came close to winning it on the golden cap, but in the end it was HappyChaps that struck the home run.

sunday report
Q2CTF Easter Justice Cup - Timetable, Easter Sunday

Here's the planned timetable for the 16 clans that made the deadline of last Friday to submit for entry to the cup. It's a straight knockout. - Rico -

... Table updated with score results / demos !

Round 1 - 8pm:
A. HC vs. TAA (22-0)
B. LE vs. YWN (14-1)
C. CK vs. TJD (17-0) [Demo]
D. LD50 vs. QID (2-3)

Round 1 - 8:30pm
A. CBSI vs. THC (13-1) [Demo]
B. Hg vs. WkB (15-0)
C. TF vs. CS (10-0)
D. BBC vs. SC (4-2)

Quarter Finals 9pm
A. 1A vs 1C (HC vs CK - 4-1)
B. 1B vs 1D (LE vs QID - 1-3)
C. 2A vs 2C (CBSI vs TF - 0-12) [Demo]
D. 2B vs 2D (Hg vs BBC - 2-14)

Semi Finals 9:30pm
A. A vs B (HC v QID - 7-1) [Demo]
B. C vs D (TF v BBC - 1-5)

Finals 10pm (40 mins.)
A vs B (HC vs BBC - 6-5) [Demo]

See also CTF Observer: [20-04-2000]

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Juctice Easter Cup ?
A anonymous source gave me this picture of the Justice Easter Cup wich you can win...

Round 1: Q2CTF05b - 20 mins
Qtr Finals: Q2CTF2 - 20 mins
Semi Finals: Q2CTF1 - 20 mins
Finals: RTCTF1ver2 - 40 minutes

I'll try to stick to time, but these things invariably over run... Make sure you have maps. Final will use HappyChaps server because RTCTF1ver2 isn't on the Savage servers.
We'll use #savage, because everyone knows the channel. See you there. =)
Anyone who wants to help admin/take demos, please do feel free to turn up =)

- Rico -



monday report
tm versus sic : 15-1
cls versus NOVA : 15-6
JAG versus DBF : 26-0

cls versus NOVA : 15-6 - report by cls
Well, not much to say. We had som starting problems - because of a lack off one cls-player. NOVA got even 6 people, and cls got 4. We decided to play 4 vs 4. It's okey for the rules in the CLL though. NOVA started with AMP and DOC, and they managed to get one cap, equal to our cap. So it was 1-1, soon 2-2. We managed to get the doc, and that helped us alot actually. The first map ended 7-5 to CLS.
The other round - at the same map started almost the same as the first one. They started with AMP and en DOC, and we got Dis and Accell. BuD did a great defending, until I killed him and stole the AMP. BuD got so fucking angry that he breaked his keyboard in two peaces - Nice BuD :D Anyways, we got the DOC and the Amp, and we took over their base and the game totally. We got some comments from NOVA when the second map was finished, but it's okey. They got ours before we started the map =) The second round ended 8-1.
Goodgame NOVA. We'll try to get 5 player next time, we promise! Thanks for the match!


sunday report
Problems with CLL !!! - by [CL/CLL]Divine -
Since Pacifer is not reachable, we cannot update the system to the better since we dont have access to the files. I'm not sure if we can fix this bug remote, or if we need the files. We are truly sorry for all inconvedience this creates.

This bug occured while updating the CLL with a new clan, which means we cannot add new clans to the league atm. Sorry for this!

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Non Euro CTF Competition news Competition news Competition news Competition news

Q3CTF OGL OGL Action - by Jube @
sunday report
Rise To Domination have defended their #7 rung on the ladder with a win over Madfraggers. R2D are currently 11/3 wins over losses. Immortals have defended the #27 spot with a win over WOLFPAC, they are currently 10/6 on the ladder. Contract Killers defend the #39 rung with a win over Fragging Under The Influence, CK are 4/1 on the ladder with their only loss coming from Alpha Destroyers.

Chumps have defeated Alpha Destroyers to take over the #43 position on the ladder. Chumps are currently undefeated with a 3/0 record. AD have 8 matches under their belt, unfortunately all losses though and they stand at 0/8 on the ladder. Seeing a chance to bank on AD's record, Clan RAM have challenged them after their win over Army of Darkness which moved them into the #50 rung. RAM are currently undefeated with a 2/0 record.

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Q3CTF OGL Update - by Jube @
saturday report
Ah yes, it's time for my weekly look at the OGL's undefeated teams in CTF. Of course the fact that they are undefeated means they are ultra-l33t and much cooler than the rest of us. ;) Nah, actually it means they're either really good, really lucky, or still at the bottom of the ladder, but who's keeping track?

The number after each name is their win/loss record,
looking at the top 50 spots on the ladder only:

01 The Peacemakers 11 / 0
03 Spice Boys 7 / 0
12 Michigan Liberation Army 9 / 0
19 RailWhores 5 / 0
25 relentless 5 / 0
28 Envy 4 / 0
34 The Seven 6 / 0
41 Blacktongue 4 / 0
43 Clan - gtX 3 / 0
45 Darkside 3 / 0
48 Pure Venom 4 / 0
50 Sluts-Incorporated 3 / 0

Of course many of these teams have a long way to go before proving that they can continue their streak and cut it on their way up the ladder.

The #1 Peacemakers sit unchallenged in the ladder. Hong Kong Action in the #2 rung have accepted a challenge from Defective Gummi Bears in at #10. The Spice Boys in #3 have accepted a challenge by Knights of Ni, the #5 ranked team, and c@ck in the #4 spot have accepted their challenge placed by WickedMojo in #11.

BCTFL BannockBurn Q3CTF League
Update - by Caitiri @
friday report
Two more matches were played out for the BCTFL as season 2 comes to a close. High Seas Clan (3-4) defeated Kitten's Litter (1-6) in two straight maps to finish out the East Division 3; and TEJAZ finished out their season at 0-7 with a loss to Elite Strike in two.

Season 3 is accepting signups now until May 1st, so if you want to be part of one of the premiere Q3CTF leagues, don't miss out by waiting too long!

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Current Top 5 Standings:
1 The Peacemakers 11 / 0
2 Hong Kong Action 11 / 2
3 Spice Boys 7 / 0
4 c@ck 8 / 5
5 Knights of Ni 5 / 2

Sunday April 23

Defective Gummi Bears
Hong Kong Action


Gib Central
Canadian Alliance

Clan 911

Sluts Incorporated