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[*] The Justice League First round played !
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[*] BWQ3L-CTF nEo division 1 champs !
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ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

Q2CTF Dutch Ladder

ZP v BAD: 14-6 - (ctf2/ctf5)
NO v BAD: 9-2 - (ctf1/ctf5)
HC v Az 23-1 - (ctf2/lfctf1)
HC v Az gg...neither team had their match team though :/
Very laggy aswell...HC had 4 HPBs :(
- HC_Tom -

Q3CTF Benelux Cup Spring 2000

VS v 666 1-0 - (default win)
Clan 666 has unfortunately failed to show up in their scheduled match against clan Voodoo Slayers. Even though there was mention of the match in the topic of the 666 IRC channel, none of the people from 666 were reachable at the starting time of the match. VS will be awarded a default win, while clan 666 will have a point substracted for not showing up at all. We hope clan 666 will make it to future matches to show that they are to be taken serious, and that this was just a minor glitch...
Conclusion: Make sure your clan is well organised before you join a league!

- [cb admin]Ethereal -

Q3CTF International Ladder

M v 8: 16-1 - (ctf2/ctf1) - [ M United Kingdom - 8 United Kingdom ]
This War was arranged to prove to Clan [8] we were not cheaters so this went ahead on Clanbase's own server. The first map was q3ctf2, One of my fav's =)... It all went well, both teams were playing strong for the first few minutes it all ended up in one big war the score for that level 8-1 to Mex... The second map was q3ctf1 we do not really play this map much, so [8] had the advantage... This level also went well for Mex 8-0 to Mex =). Final score 16-1. Both Teams played well, We would like to play [8] again anytime =). Good Game Teams. Greetz. - [M]GuineaPIG -

16 - 1 again hehehe, but I got the consolation flag run again !!!! and a magic humiliation when one of the MEX turned on me and thought he could take me with the Gauntlet. Better sharpen it before you come for me m8, I was lafin so much I forgot to screen dump it. So you're safe, can't even remember which it was, but then I'm sure he doesn't want to remember it . At the LAN party we had a Gauntlet vs rail match...guess which I was practicing with, hehehe. Go for the kill m8 not the humiliation, . Anyway gave me some enjoyment out of an otherwise bad game for us. Some of our clan are struggling with high pings so we may have to find some more even playing fields if all the clans here are full of lpbs. - [8]BucK -

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The Justice League   The Justice League   The Justice League   The Justice League   The Justice League

Q2CTF The Justice League (UK) First round played !

Great fun was had by all with the Zero Gravity settings (except those that got sick ;) .. you can expect a TJL web page up in the next week or so.

Following a successful first round of The Justice League here are the scores for the first week:

TJD vs RSi : 14 - 0
UKSG vs LE : 2 - 7
TAA vs BBC : 0 - 20
Hg vs HC : 8 - 3
DS vs AFC : 20 - 0
RaGe vs UKF : 0 - 24
CK vs AFT : 10-2

by - Slave @ www.powerslave.net -
the jump off point for the UK CTF gamer.

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Details here:

The Justice League



[T] versus NSM : 4-3 (ctf1/ctf3)
TFR versus U-69 : 18-0
plt versus [C] : 1-0 (default win)


We need your help! - by [CL/CLL]Divine -
Since Pacifer is practically out of the game, we need to settle this tournament. We whish to complete this with another CL Championship, but then we need your help. We are searching for some programmers with some extra time and a heart for q2ctf to complete this.
Contact me in #fuse so I can tell you what we really need your help for, and then I will tell you about our future plans within the scene. We will need more admins and writers later, I will let you all know.

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BWQ3L-CTF BarrysworldQ3League CTF * nEo division 1 champs ! *

nEo claimed the Division 1 title on Tuesday by defeating E, and OG clenched the Divsion 4 title last week; Divisions 2 & 3 have one more week to play to decide the winners.
- Caitiri -

Week 9 News & Winners
nEo (New European Order) deny E (Emporio) the title by taking points off them in their match up, and win the league due to a better number of outright fixture wins. There has been a lot of controversy over the way nEo won the title, but rules are rules and there are times when both clans have benefitted by them this season. Divisions 2 & 3 reach their conclusion in Week 10, and there promises to be some very good games.

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Non Euro CTF Competition news Competition news Competition news Competition news

OGL Q3CTF OGL Briefs - by Caitiri @ www.gamepig.com
In a surprising move, virus23 was unsuspended from the ladder and promptly challenged The Peacemakers for the #1 spot; The Knights of Ni have challenged Spice Boys for #3 and will play on Tuesday; Wicked Mojo has challenged c@ck for the #4 spot and will play on Monday; relentless looks to break into the top 20 on Sunday when they play NCC for #16; and RailWhores defeated Relentless Assault last night to keep their perfect record at 5-0.

BCTFL BannockBurn Q3CTF League
LsD Div 3 Champs - by Caitiri @ www.gamepig.com
Large Scale Destruction (LSD) completed off their season with a win over Fate's Minions (FM); LsD went undefeated at 7-0 for the season, giving them the East Division 3 title. F8S also finished off their season defeating Kitten's Litter, giving them a season record of 2-5. In East Div 1, ZEN defeated deoxyribonucleic acid in a 3-map game. Tonight, TEJAZ will finish up their season by playing Elite Strike in the West Division at 10PM EDT.

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