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ClanBase Q2CTF Cup break
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ClanBase Q3CTF Cup break
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Savage League Q2CTF June 18
Start of new season: Season 10

Savage League Q2 3tCTF June 25
Start of new season: Season 5

Savage League Q3CTF June 11 June 18
Season-1: Week 5

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF June 18-19:
Season-2: Week 6
replays Week5: at end of season [i]

NSL Q2CTF June 12-18
Season-1: Week 1

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European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added Clan E to the * Hall of Fame * !
Clan E won the ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring 2000 on June 14, 2000... Congratulations Clan E ! :)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *

Match Shot: E v AoS

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Netherlands ClanBase Q3CTF CUP Spring 2000
Clan E victorious !

Clan E wins the Quake 3 CTF - by [admin]Nealz

Clan E v AoS: 3-0 (in maps) : 9-1 (in captures)
Very nice match, demos and screenshots are up, report will be online soon...

Shots & report by [admin]Nealz: [report]
Match demos (6) at clanbase here: [demos]

[Clan E]Ethereal: AOS played a very good game! Au contraire to what people are saying with '0wned' or 'raped' or whatever, I think AOS gave us a hell of a time. Just watch the demo's and see the number of drops and pickups, flag exchanges and barely-made captures. I also want to compliment AOS on a game played very sportsmanlike. These guys have good skills and a nice attitude and they will go a long way babey!

[Clan E]Whez: A very exciting 3 set match with QTV and Live reporting via Winamp. From what we gathered, many of our friends, people from DM tuned into the match broadcasts and they came into our channel afterwoulds for big bash =:)
We have to mention a big thanks to Clanbase and Admin Nealz and the other admins, along with our friends AoS who show an exemplary attitude towards the game, and one which clans should all be.

USA Caitiri @ One thing I noticed is that they played all three games 5v5, quite different than our usual 4v4 standard. It made for a very crowded and hectic ctf2, and the middle battles on ctf3 were quite intense.


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ClanBase Q3CTF
Spring 2000


Clan E

Savage League   Savage League   Savage League   Savage League   Savage League

Savage 3tCTF
Season 4

      SavageUK Q2 3tCTF Next Season Season 5 - by [savage]LJ

Season 5 is coming to a server near you !

Yup it's back. The fastest and most intense mod of Q2 will be starting season 5 Sunday week. That's Sunday 25th June. Schedule up soon. Horraaaaaahhhhhh :)

Savage League   Savage League   Savage League   Savage League

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