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Reports from the European QuakeCTF front

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[^] ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Interview BBQ PRAYER...
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[^] SavageUK Q3CTF: Midweek-Tournament Finals...
[^] SavageUK Q3CCTF CUP, Part 1 completed...
[^] ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Battle for #1 : BBQ v |tm|
[^] ClanBase v ChampionsLeague Q2CTF Admin War...
[^] SavageUK Q2CTF End of season 12 results...
[^] SavageUK Q3CCTF Season 1 CCTF Cup details...
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|QuakeCTF|Reigning Champions|

CTF Observer Q3CCTF Tournament
CTF Observer|Q3CCTF
the idea : the idea : the idea
a short fun tournament with teams formed by:
SavageUK, ChampionsLeague, ClanBase & CTF Observer
battle it out in Q3CCTF for the CTF Observer title :)
      Netherlands United Kingdom Sweden Norway Finland Denmark Iceland Italy Germany France Belgium

    Upcoming Competition Rounds

YM league Q1 NQCTF Season 2 Completed
* MC season-2 Champions !

ClanBase Q2CTF CUP b r e a k
Spring 2001 CUP: [sign-up open...]
* |tm| fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q2CTF season-12 Completed
s12/s13 CUP: [sign-up open until: 21-1-2001]
* ZP season-12 Champions !
* raGe season-11 CUP winners !

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Season-6 Finished
s6 CUP: [sign-up open until: 21-1-2001]
* DS season-6 champions !
* IF s5-Cup winners !

NSL Q2CTF Nations league B r e a k
* Finland reigning Champions !

ClanBase Q3CTF CUP break
* CN fall-2000 Champions !

Savage League Q3CTF Season-3 Finished...
s3 CUP: [January 21/28]
* Clan E season-3 Champions !
* IQS s2-Cup Winners !

Savage Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-1 finished
* CN Champions !

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Season 4
Week-7 [January 21-22]
* CN season-3 Champions !

Savage Q3CCTF Season-1
Pre-Season1 CUP [January 16 & 23 - Tuesdays]
* nAo Season-0 Champions !
* raGe beta99c CUP winners !

EQ3L Q3CTF Season-1
status unknown / site down...
- First season European Quake3 CTF League

- Barrysworld
- CCL - Q3CCTF league
- Champions League
- ClanBase
- NQCTF / YM-League
- Savage UK
- Savage Euro Q3CTF
- Tears
- The History of CTF
- Rape of Q2CTF
Affiliated Sites
- ChampionsLeague
- NorthSeaLeague

  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL
 Sunday - January 21

CL/CLL | ChampionsLeague   

Interview [BBQ]PRAYER Clanleader of Ballbraquers.
Over at the ChampionsLeague site Sir interviewed [BBQ]PRAYER, clanleader of top q2ctf clan Ballbraquers from Finland...

Interview with BBQ clan-leader PRAYER - by Sir @
BBQ has been a top clan for long know. They are leading the ladder and won the previous CL season. I have had a chat with PRAYER, the cl of this team. [Read it!]

More ChampionsLeague News:
Recently two non-nordic q2ctf clans joined the Q2CTF ChampionsLeague... First to join was dutch clan raGe shortly followed by Anglo-Dutch clan lux.
sources: Kotti & Murvel @

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[BBQ]PRAYER [BBQ]PRAYER in action as part of the Finnish national team during the NSL tournament which Finland won... (picture|©2000|NSL)

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CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene

  SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF     SavageUK Q3CTF
 Friday - January 19

      SavageUK Q3CTF | Midweek-Tournament

CN * Chopstick Ninja's
Q3CTF Midweek-Tournament-1 Champions ! - by Thor @ SavageUK

Congratulations to CN, who were victorious with an amazing victory over IQS... also well done to clans DMN, IQS and SS for reaching the semi finals. The Final ended 8-6 in CN's favour but what an exciting match it was! IQS were very unlucky not to have won, having been 6-5 in front at one stage.

The Results:

Semi finals:
[CN v DMN: 8-0] | [IQS v SS: 19-0]

3rd/4th place play offs:
[SS v DMN: 7-4]

[CN v IQS: 8-6]

CN*PloP: The christmas break made us a little rusty. Thursday night games against DMN(semifinal) and IQS(final) looked to be quite a challenge for us considering the current shape we are in. Savage has changed their game server hosting, and that affected the swedish players ping quite a bit, and 1.27q3BETA and osp_even_more_BETA made it a struggle all the way. Especially during the game against DMN, where their flag decided to vanish making it somewhat impossible to cap for both teams. Versus IQS I think we where behind and outpinged the whole game exept for the last 10 minutes.

Congratulations CN * Chopstick Ninja's, Hall of Fame Updated... :) [again :P]

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  Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague     Q3CCTF|SavageLeague
 Thursday January 18

SavageUK United Kingdom Q3CCTF

Q3CCTF CUP part-1 completed...
The first part of the 'Pre-Season1' CUP in the SavageUK CCTF League is completed...
Twelve clans were scheduled to play: DiE, nAo, oG, SU, TAWM, TF, THC, TJD, UKSG, ZP, only 2 clans didn't play: SE and UNR... I wanted to make some action-shots from demos but non of the demos I found worked :(

Season 1 CCTF CUP update by Andy @
The SavageUK Season 1 CCTF Cup got under way last Tuesday, here's what happened...

8pm saw CCTF3 as the map with nAo facing TJD, =SU= against THC, ZP playing oG, UNR didn't show so TF got a default win.

8pm schedule - results:

[nAo v TJD: 26-0] | [SU v THC: 8-9] | [ZP v oG: 7-4] | [UNR v TF: 0-6 (D)]

At this point network problems caused a major delay, happily though everybody understood and we waited for the network to settle down, which it did.

8.45pm schedule - results:

[nAo v TAWM: 13-3] | [SU v DiE: 9-1] | [ZP v SE: 6-0 (D)] | [UNR v UKSG: 0-6 (D)]

9.30pm schedule - results:

[TJD v TAWM: 1-16] | [THC v DiE: 35-0] | [oG v SE: 6-0 (D) | [TF v UKSG: 22-1]

This means the following teams play the quarter-finals:
[nAo v SU] | [TAWM v THC] | [ZP v UKSG] | [oG v TF]

Savage League

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  ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL   ChampionsLeague   CL/CLL
 Tuesday - January 16

  CL/CLL | ChampionsLeague   

Clash of the titans, BBQ v |tm| ... BBQ Victorious.

Monday evening saw BBQ vs |tm| in a fight about the #1 spot in the CLL.
Scenery of this battle were q2ctf1 and q2ctf2, starting with CTF1: BBQ had a tech advantage using the Amp and Doc troughout the map, most action took place on the midfield with struggles for quad control and only after 7 minutes the first capture was made by BBQ... map result: 6-0 to BBQ
CTF2 started a little differently since |tm| had the Amp in defense and only after 11 minutes gametime the first capture was made... by [BBQ] again (Malle). map result: 8-1 to BBQ | Match result: BBQ:14 |tm|:1

BBQ v |tm| Q2CTF
How to make a Nordic sandwich...
You take a |tm|TGF, a [BBQ]ele and a |tm|fuel and let them play in
the sewer-pipe of CTF1... | (©2001)

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CL/CLL on IRC | #thescene


  Q2CTF | ClanBase v Championsleague     ClanBase v Championsleague     ClanBase v Championsleague
 Monday January 15

Q2CTF | ClanBase v ChampionsLeague | Edition-1

CB vs CL admins by Oma @
After our last week's match against the Savage admins (see CTF Observer: January-8-2001) it was time to play against the Championsleague admins. Well... we knew what we were in for since a most of their admins play in high ranked clans in the Championsleague, we got our $%^ kicked but we had a lot of fun.

First map (ctf2)was played with normal settings with FWS on...
Second map (ctf1) was played MERCS style (no: quad, techs, ps, armor)...

Results: [map1|ctf2: CL:8 CB:2] | [map2|ctf1: CL:10 CB:0]

The Teams...

 The Championsleague team lineup :
 map1|ctf2: d-v, fuel, kotti, Murvel, Niko
 map2|ctf1: d-v, fuel, Murvel, Niko, Sir   

 The ClanBase team lineup :
 map1|ctf2: Baal^Party, Commi, Keats, Oma, TeX
 map2|ctf1: Baal^Party, Commi, Keats, Oma, TeX

[ ]

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Q2CTF ClanBase v ChampionsLeague Edition-1
CL.Niko covering the sewer-pipe while CL.fuel grappels home to open the score with 1-0 on ctf1... | (©2001)

Non online yet...

  SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK   SavageUK  
 Monday - January 15

SavageUK United Kingdom Q2CTF Season 12 Completed

ZP win division-1 by the narrowest of margins
- by Andy @

The end of season 12 in SavageUK Q2CTF sees... ZP winning division 1 by the narrowest of margins.
see [] for how close it was, these guys push it to the limit :) CBSI were hot on their heels, and it was down to the wire. RSi got a respectable third place even after losing to CBSI in the last game of the season with QID in fourth.
SavageUK Q2CTF
More @ | q2ctf

Congratulations ZP, Hall of Fame Updated... :)

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SavageUK United Kingdom Q3CCTF

Season 1 CCTF Cup details by Andy @

The details for the upcoming SavageUK CCTF Cup, starting on 16th January at 8pm are here...

Whilst Ox and CWSC did register, neither team have enough members on CAPS, Ox replied to my email saying they canít make this season, clan CWSC didnít reply, so neither clan is included in the cup...
WkB have become +DiE+ clan... CGA registered last, and as we have 13 eligible clans that means CGA are on the waiting list.
If any clan doesnít show for the cup CGA will take their place.

Details @ | q3cctf

Savage League


Q3 Classic CTF