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[*] Hall of Fame Savage Q2CTF s9-Cup: raGe
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Upcoming League Rounds

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup June
Final: ZP v DTF (soon)

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup Tuesday June 6
Second semi-final: [AoS v NuT5]

Savage League Q2CTF Break
Next Season: Season 10 (June 18)
Academy Cup: June 11

Savage League Q3CTF June 11
Season-1: Week 5

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF June 04-05:
Season-2: Week 4

NSL Q2CTF June 12-18
Season-1: Week 1

 [Hall of Fame]

Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added clan raGe to the * Hall of Fame * !
raGe won the Savage Q2CTF s9-CUP on June 4 2000
Congratulations raGe ! :)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *


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United Kingdom Savage Q2CTF United Kingdom s9-CUP raGe victorious!
- by [savage]Rico

Congratulations to Dutch clan raGe who swept all before them to win tonight's Savage Q2 CTF Cup. Commiserations to close runner's Smile, who looked to have a slight edge on raGe for most of the game, only to see their opponents turn it on in the last few minutes. The final was played on Q2CTF1 over 40 minutes, with standard SavageUK settings.

An admin chase-cam demo is available, as well as some player POV demos courtesy of the raGe players:
Gremio | K3fKa | XCor | Killroy.

Thank you to all clans that took part. I had a lot of fun and I trust that you enjoyed playing in the cup, and look forward to the next one after season 10.
- [savage]Rico -

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Savage League

Savage Q2CTF


ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

Q2CTF International Ladder
HC v RiP: 22-1 - (ctf2/ctf5) - [ HC United Kingdom - RiP Netherlands ]

Q3CTF International Ladder
VS v RoFL: 9-6 - (wctf2/wctf3) - [ VS Belgium - RoFL Austria ]

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Non Euro CTF Competition news Competition news Competition news Competition news

OGL Q3CTF Open Ladder Matches - by Caitiri @

RailWhores vs Defective Gummi Bears
RW successfully defended #11 on Courtyard Conundrum and improved their record to 7/5; DGB drops to 5/15. RW has challenged er33t for #9, a clan they lost to a few weeks back.

Madcity Scrubs vs Clan RAM
McS defended their #20 spot on Finnegan's Revenge, and improve to 8/1; RAM drops to 3/3.

Clan of the Burning Dog vs Death DealerZ
CBD defended their #32 spot from DDZ and improved their record to 8/9; DDZ slips to 2-4. The map chosen was Bloodlust, and the final score was 4-1 in favor of CBD; they have challenged Sorry Ass Clan for #23.

eXtreme Raging Phreaks vs unleashed energy
ue took over #53 on Bloodlust from XRP (3/4) in their first match on the OGL ladder; they have challenged Banana Republic for #50.

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