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[*] Savage Council v ClanBase Crew Q2CTF - Savage Demo
[*] ClanBase CTF Q2/Q3 Ladders/Cups matches - new cancel/decline system
[*] Non Euro Competition News

[*] CTF Observer at
[*] CTF Observer at

Savage-V-ClanBase   Savage-V-ClanBase   Savage-V-ClanBase   Savage-V-ClanBase   Savage-V-ClanBase

Q2CTF Savage Council -versus- ClanBase Crew - Savage Demo...

Last Sunday the Savage Council played a Q2CTF match against the ClanBase Crew to celebrate the two year anniversary of the UK Savage League. The ClanBase Crew won the match, a single 20 minute game on q2ctf2, with 5 to 2 captures. A few demos recorded by the ClanBase Crew were available for download in yesterday's CTF Observer [01-05-2000]

I now found a demo recorded by LJ (LittleJohn) who played on the SavageCouncil team... its an exciting demo because LJ was running around with ClanBase's flag trying to avoid agressive clanbase maniacs who wanted their beloved flag back :)

Download the demo here: [ [sc]LJ's demo ]

Savage League

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Savage v ClanBase
Savage v ClanBase
see also CTF Observer


ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

Q3CTF Benelux Cup Spring 2000

RaGe v PDL: 9-1 - (wctf2/ctf3)

New Cancel/Decline system Implemented
- [clanbase]Amsterdam Wob -

I implemented the new cancel/decline ideas, which have been given a warm welcome I'm glad to say. Depending on the results of this new system, we want to do more about late cancels and no-shows in the near future.

You can read all about it on ClanBase: [ Here ]

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Non Euro CTF Competition news Competition news Competition news Competition news

OGL Q3CTF Happenings - by Caitiri @
ZEN defeated c@ck last night on Courtyard Conundrum to take over the #5 spot, and have challenged The Peacemakers for #1 (who defeated Wicked Mojo last night on Finnegan's Revenge); relentless plays Michigan Liberation Army tomorrow at 10PM EDT for #13;
The Knights of Ni defend #7 from Orifice tomorrow at 9:30PM EDT; and Sorry Ass Clan defeated NCC last night to take over #17.

Q3CTFL Upcoming Matches - by Caitiri @
Canine and synaptic play one of the remaining matches for week 1 tonight at 12AM EDT. The game will probably be carried on QTV @ Tomorrow, Wicked Mojo plays underground quakers at 10PM EDT for the final match of the first week. The second week schedules have been posted, look for more matches soon!

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