Interview with *NuT5*Rocksteady by: Soul Thursday December 9 
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Interview with *NuT5*RockSteady
About NuT5's retirement from Q2...
by: Soul - December 9 1999

Soul: Can I interview ya about the NuT5 retirement from Quake2 ?
RockSteady: Yes you can mate.
Soul: Ok first : when did u started playing quake2 as a single player ?
RockSteady: Uhm... that was when my brother GUNSMITH came over with his PC under his arm and a very cool VOODOO1 card... he showed me CTF... he went online with my ISDN connection and kicked ass on a FFA server... that was around april 98.
Soul: Cool. So u started playing quake2 as a lpb ! top conditions :)
RockSteady: Hehe, yep ... I started FPS earlier tho.
Soul: So I suppose u played a bit of ffa together and then decided to start a clan ?!
RockSteady: Actually no !
It was about that time that NuT5 was formed... mostly DM then, GUNSMITH and Joo5T were both founders... I still remember Gunsmith kept forgetting to put the *NuT5* prefix on.
Soul: Oh, I see... so u were playing DM at the start ?
RockSteady: Thats right... I found CTF too difficult and gunnie advised me to start with the DM skillz. I assumed a rediculous nick... "RockSteady" I always thought that I would change the name if I got good later...
Soul: Did nut5 started playing ctf in clanbase ? Or they started with some unofficial matches ?
RockSteady: Well... there was a scene before CB you know. :) Life didn't start when CB came to live. hehe.
Soul: Do you remember the big clans in this time ?
RockSteady: There was PK ! Our main rival... DTF, PK and NuTS were the top 3... and the foreign clans. TQA, SS, DCB were nice... but no challenge. TQA can play top notch one day but totally suck the other. Today they are having same problem as most clans now have... key members are loosing interest in Q2 that is why resistance is fading... you'll see.
Soul: So then clanbase came up and u all started playing elite... :)
RockSteady: Yes
Soul: Do you see a big change between now and this time ?
RockSteady: Not all for the better you know. It now was MUCH easier to meet other clans and to arrange wars but it started then already ... the points... the ratings... clans scared to lose points but the rest was cool... the FORUM was unheared of in the Q2 scene at that stage. The athmosphere wasn't that bad then... But you could feel it change.
Soul: I remember I heard a lot about nut5 in these times... how come u became very famous ? Is it due to a particular match or ?
RockSteady: I think so... we played some Scandinavian clans at one stage... CFC [Crash Force Clan]. We held them to a draw on CTF1, that was unheared of, CFC was the very best at that time !
Soul: Did you already had great tactics ?
RockSteady: Yes..... We had a lot of peaple contributing to that. Myself included... although I didn't join before January this year, I was already in the 'tactics' department !
Soul: Tell us a bit about the tactics you had :) how did u make them, on irc by talking a lot ? or something different ?
RockSteady: We wrote a MANUAL. This manual became rather famous. all the other clans wanted to get their hands on it... we discused a lot in ICQ chat and even more on LANS. We were very much ahead of our time when we came up with new ideas ... everyone copied... DTF, PK etc.

BS created a MANUAL that had al the little details inside. Somehow it leaked this were very funny when u think of it now but then it was not funny at all we worked hard to come up with our concept ... so we were pissed but after a while the mood changed we started releasing demos becouse the UC retirement was closing after we pickup up again we didn't mind in those days : we set the tone.

I'll tell you how we evolved ... hehe... we started out with the NUTS classic. Wich meant: 4 defenders in base and one flagrunner (bS or Joost), quad didn't matter then... if a quad came in we just shot him... our attacker always got away with the flag, and noboby could escape our base.
Soul: Yeah I hear a certain Bs is a bit skilled for that :)
RockSteady: That's right... bS once played against us (nuts) because the other clan was one man short, offical game, the basterd capped twice. grrrr. But joost was even more notorious then...
Then came the dynamics we were able to switch modes 'in game'. Mass attack ... quad control ... full defence, those were great times. Then there was the famous game against U17, Unit 17, a scandinavian clan ! They had quad timers, we didn't know about quad timers at that stage, we managed a draw on CTF1.
Soul: No waves or anything ?
RockSteady: No. We didn't know... Holland didn't use it... we were lucky in CTF1 but they crushed us in CTF2. Like 8-0 or something. Never had we lost by such a huge score... This day changed everything !

Everybody started using Quad -tactics... Quad became dominant it was decided that we would play like U17 on CTF1 and CTF2 Then came the famous game against UC, upset chaps, from GB. They were then reigning champ in UK... We played one of our best games then to win that !
Soul: Yeah... UC, a feared UK clan, they were a bit the UK's NuT5... in this time...
RockSteady: Really ? wow :) ...... well... after that game we retired. But Q3a was still 5 months away...
Soul: Your first retirement, I saw it on your webpage !
RockSteady: Yes... but we couldn't wait that long so we came back. It was our intention to play only new maps, so no more Q2CTFx maps. Why ? jou might ask... ctf1 was becoming very boring... for DESS and LD. After the comeback we got stuck in our ways, no more trainings, no more evil tactics were developed, we played CTF1 and all other maps on routine, our teamplay was at a level that we hardly used binds.
Soul: I think maybe the "ladder" thing forced clans to play ctf1 and ctf1 basic maps.
RockSteady: Yes... I think that played a major factor... so we ended up playing the same old maps. Our famous manual never got updated anymore, we stopped training, from that moment on CTF1 became routine.
Soul: Yeah routine :)
RockSteady: Excactly !! And because of this routine the love for the game began to faulter... and after the famous U17 game it got even worse everyone in Holland suddenly realized that QUAD was the key. (with the WAV's ofcourse) Our dynamic teamplay was of no use anymore we had to join the U17 camp, time the quad, get the quad, attack, cap, recharge, time the quad, etc. etc. Especialy for defence it was even more boring now and slowly but surely the lead/advantage we had over other clans began to dwindle.
Soul: RUFUS was already in ?
RockSteady: No he came later. But he was very welcome... Nut5 has one weakness... being effective with the Quad. We could get the quad but could not blow up nmy base like a cross steal for example it took too much effort to retreave the flag... we decided that we needed some sort of DM god to help us out....... At this stagge i was a student of RUFUS in the DUEL department Actually... i was fragbait for RUFUS in the DUEL department. :( He kicked my ass so bad. it still hurts... I suggested him to the boyz... they had their doubts but i won them over... RUFUS joined ! He played a VERY bad game against clan oX [overcome extermination]. Haha.... Boy was he depressed.... But I told him to chill out and that even I had bad games. The next game was scrappy but after that RUFUS never looked back. He kicked ass. Good teamplay. we owe a lot to him.
Soul: U never played maps like RTCTF ?
RockSteady: Nope... too bad though... maybe that would have kept our spirits alive.
Soul: U never though about joining a UK league ?
RockSteady: Yes but SAVAGE had strange rules... BFG... HPB/LPB.
Soul: Why do they call u da moviestar ? :)
RockSteady: I was a loud bragger at the time and I appeared on belgium TV in januari they coverd the 'global wars' and I was interviewed. This event was also a milestone in my career nuts crushed everyone there. I was in team2 and we beat team prime in the finals. Nuts team2 beat the Nuts team1, hehe. Global wars... Here I was asked to join nuts !!! Before that I was part of DM clan TSL (the single legends) I always wanted to join nuts (since they are strong and my brother is part of it) but I wanted to EARN the postion in DECEMBER my game peaked I was very strong in DM FFA and I kicked ASS in the DM compo in GW2 so Joost asked me to join when we got back in holland I became known as THE MOVIESTAR... I kept bragging about my good looks. haha. I called myself THE MOVIESTAR and the others (the dutch scene) liked it because I was the first quaker on TV man... Basicly they were asking about the game in general. We explained about clanwars and clans and stuff, not important, but the main thing was: I WAS ON TV, i WAS A MOVIESTAR. heheeh.
Soul: To talk abit of the latest games... this ClanBase CTF-Cup thing... What happenned against Clan X ?
RockSteady: A lot actually. We knew they were strong and did not underestimate them but it is the old story. I wrote it on the site... Did u read my statement on the NUTS site ? Regarding the X game ? That says WHY we lost... Dessignator hadn't played in 2 weeks... and now they will probably close out Q2CTF bragging they were best of all times........
We suck on CTF2... so we had to train or come with some kind of tactic...
Soul: Mmmm... I can tell you that u don't suck on ctf2 but its a bit of a DM map !
On ctf2 u are forced to control the mid ... it becomes more dm.
RockSteady: Yes but in CTF2 a great grappler can still do very well.....
Soul: But if u don't control quad your defence get raped ! I mean... u have to fight for quad, if a certain clan play this way , thats what u have to do too... this can hurt.
RockSteady: Yes. I see what u mean now with dm map... That is what killed us in the end. the QUAD. The game was reduced to timing quad well... our aim (rail) is not worse than other clans...
Soul: True your aim is good :)
What do you think about that new dutch clan... RaGe ?
RockSteady: I'm not impressed. They are all PK. So no problem. U can wake up nuts in the middle of the night and they will play PK and beat them is just like Ajax-Feyenoord (Soccer ;), PK-nuts is special. We go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back :)
Soul: What about bYc from the UK ?
RockSteady: bYc is not that strong. I don't care what RUFUS saiz.
Soul: What u think of [genx]Che ?
RockSteady: Che has a special place in my hart. He was part of KING ! The super brittish clan. NuT5 played their first international against them... we lost in a very close game. It was a 6-6 game, CTF1 and CTF5, we won ctf1. Gunsmith was full time defending the pipe, Joost was attacking, bS was pamp defender. KING played almost exclusively with railgun, at that time it was unheard of we learned from that in the next months we became railers as well, KING won. CTF5 went to hell we played on their server and they used hyper in main base Joost got lagged and could not get out of their base. Gunsmith had better connection and had to go in they clinched it in the final minutes but it was a great match !
Soul: So... mmm... about q3a ! You already started playing it ? (I wont bother u much longer :)
RockSteady: All of us were playing the test versions, not all of us have the full verion yet. But myself ... only in january.... studies at this point prevent me from kicking ass.
Soul: So i hope you will come back with a new manual then :)
RockSteady: We will :)
Soul: ... WTF is Jurrie ?! He's in nuts ??
RockSteady: Almost. It is not official. He is from dutch DM clan Overlordz.. ol and nuts are problably going to merge for Q3a !! That's a scoop. hehe.
Soul: Oki... thx for the interview rocky ;)
RockSteady: You'r welcome... thanx for the opportunity Soul.
Make sure I look good when u publish it !!
See ya around...
Soul: cu !