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 Special   February 22 - 2001  

  Overview of the Clans | ClanBase Q2CTF Cup Spring 2001 | by Baal @ CTF Observer

1st league poule A
clan Unknown - ? Clan Unknown is rather unknown. Word says it are some English players, but no one knows exactly who they are. They have some nice results beating most of the 2nd league clans with big numbers. Though the last few wars, they last to some competitors from the first league. I don't think they are a contestor for the top-spots, but maybe they can cause some upset the coming weeks.
[D]obermans [U]nderestimated [F]ast [F]uture - [DUFF] Well what a clan ;o) they got lots and lots of players all with great skills. Surely a contestor for the finals if they get a decent team out their. They have some nice results and several members of Duff are in Sweteam, the Swedish q2ctf team. They also qualified for the CLL play-offs.
Killin' for Kicks - [KFK] Well as someone said earlier, KFK are an outsider to make it to the finals. Maybe they don't have the individual skills like >< and raGe have but their teamplay is very impressive. A few weeks ago they eventually beat raGe on ctf1. I think most clans underestimate KFK, but they can get some results here I think.
Clan X - [><] Back from the dead! Clan >< is a mix between some ex-DTF and ex-raGe players. They all have very impressive skills, but they still have to work on their teamplay. If Wossname has his day, he surely is among the best players around. >< problem lies in defence though, where as I see it, only CoolKillah is a real defender.
Another Gaming Clan - [AGC] Coming in late to substitute for clan BtB, AGC from Norway is rather unknown too some of the other non- scandinavian teams. AGC ended 7th in the CLL ladder, which earned them a spot in the playoffs. They had some good results but I don't really know how good they are, but they sure can play. I would like to point out to Morten that this cup also has a form ;o)
The Virial Theorem 1040 - [tm] Well this clan doesn't really need an introduction. Last year winners are still going strong. There is no doubt they are among the favourites of this cup. With solid teamplay and impressive quadruns they, to be honest, owned everyone last playoffs. Now everyone knows them, there may be some more resistance.
Mercury - [hg] Well they recruited some good players like Blufftrash and Diabolic. I don't really know how their teamplay is though. Don't think they will qualify for the finals.

1st league poule B
Retaliated Artificial Genetic Enemy - raGe Rage had some member problems lately with some players leaving. But they recruited some new players, I think raGe will qualify for the finals, though not as easy as they used to. Still a great team and eager to win their title back.
*classified Force* - [cF] They came out of nowhere with some weird members. Norwegians, with German emailaddresses and no icq? Then things became more clear, there are some ex-DTF members and some members from the old German team. Though they have some names to form an impressive line-up, I think they won't make it to the finals in this group.
Absolute Zero - [Az] AZ is a good team, they play in the 2nd division of the Savage League. I think though they are a little bit too 'light' for this group with real heavy-weights. Maybe they can get some suprising results, but probably won't make it to the finals.
Lux Aeterna - [Lux] Well this new formed clan earned their stripes already, by almost making it to the CLL playoffs with only 5 played games. They have an impressive line-up with names like BuTCH, Killroy and Sandman. I think they will qualify from this group and sure are one of my favourites in this cup.
Zieke Puppies ! - ZP The current Savage League champions and they also won the last DM-cup as clan ALS. They are in a very tough group this year and they will finally have to bear raGe in the cup to make it to the finals. They lost to Lux lately but sure are a very strong team.
FC Knudde - [fck] Probably a suprising name to most non-Dutch clans. They won the 2nd league last cup and so earned their spot in this group. I don't really think they stand a chance, but maybe they can win one or two games.
Bitches - [sic] A last minute replacement caused some upset in this group. Then a victory over in my opinion the best clan in Europe, BBQ, gave them the first spot in the CLL ladder. It have been busy days for sic. I think if they can play at their best, they will go to the finals, but you never know.

2nd league poule A
Italian Mobsters - iM Also known as (ex-)Retro. Well this is my own clan, I think we can compete for the first spot in this group and that will also be our goal. But that's only possible if we can field enough players and actually show some teamplay. The quad won't cause too much trouble I hope, cause cost us some 2nd league titles in the past cups.
Total Quake Addicts - 100% One of the oldest and possibly the oldest q2ctf clan in Holland. Though haven't really been active for a while they had some nice results lately. Some close battles with iM for the ladder and together I think they will compete for first spot in this group. Though TQA has a slight advantage I think, they are my favourites for this group.
Gladiators - [GD] GD have lots and lots of members. They can field a good team, but only if they do that they will battle for the topspots. They will probably end up in third or fourth position in this group.
I Butteri Maremmani - [IBM] I don't really know this clan, I have seen them play on public servers a few times. They have some nice skills but I think their connection from Italy will cause some problems. If they get a good connection to the "neutral" servers they can get some results.
Inferno - I Last few cups they had some very poor connections to all the servers. Though on public servers they were playing very nice. Don't have them seen playing q2ctf lately though, will probably not cause upsets in this group.
PaarDeLul - [PDL] PDL or TQA I don't really know who is the oldest clan in Holland. PDL has some really great from clan [SS]. Though most of them are really inactive. If they will practise some more, they can get some nice results else they will probably compete with the other for third or fourth place.
Where's The Flag? - WTF? They have had some nice results, but I don't think they will compete with the best in this group. This is also caused by their sometimes poor connections. The second aspect is their ever changing line-up. Maybe can cause an upset in this group, but it won't be likely.

2nd league poule B
Probably I Suck - PIS PIS is a good clan, with some nice players. I think they are the favourite to win this group. I can't really soo much about this clan, cause I haven't seen them play much.
Dutch Clan Bitches - DCB DCB, well they have some good players but somehow it doesn't really show this in clangames. Maybe if they can really prepare themselves good, they can challenge PIS. Else I think this will be another anonymous cup for clan DCB.
Dutch Offence Squad - D0S A recently formed clan from Holland. They have some nice players, but their results are rather poor. Maybe with some new input from Vector they can get some wins, but I don't count on it.
Italian Quakers - [IT] I really don't know this clan, I have never seen them play. Well at least not in the last few months. So I can't really give a prediction on this one.
T2-Clan - [T2] T2 has a nice team. Most of them play from Internetcafe T2 in Berlin, Germany. I think T2 and PIS will compete for the first two spots in this group. Though lately T2 had some dissapointing results.
Belgian Capperz - BC In my opinion they don't stand a chance. Due to their rather poor connection and the fact they only played one war and lost with 50 caps. Prolly will end up last in this group, though you gotta admire their effort.