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 Map Download Main Editor: |Ebola| June 4 - 2001  

        Q2CTF Map | Gladiatorium - Q2CTF2k2 | by CTF Observer / MapLAB

As with all new maps when you try them you get lost :) and they seem big...
Don't worry, walk around 10 minutes and you'll see you are at enemy flag in no time :)
(the routes are really short actually...)

Try the Demo-Tour first... its shows all the routes to the flag starting at the midfield-arena.

All routes from the flag lead to the central midfield-arena...
The routes are: Main-Passage, Lower-Passage, Railroom-Passage and Sewer-Passage...

The basic lay-out is this:
- The flag-room...
- surrounding the flagroom are the base corridors...
- from the surrounding base corridors are the various routes (exits/entrances) to midfield...
- the central midfield-arena with quad :)

Have fun :)



[ The Map ]
[ Demo-Tour ]

Note: you need the map to view the demo ;)

Installation Instructions:

Unzip "" into your quake2 folder and all needed files are stored in the
correct folders!