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Warreport: new Breed (nB) versus Blooded Yauta (bYc)
Friendly war (ClanBase) - September 16 1999 - q2ctf1

With 19 minutes remaining on the clock nB opens the score with a quick cap by nb|doos (aka Goody from clan TQA). Only a minute later nB|doos managed to make another cap ! 2-0 for nB. At this stage of the match nB has two important techs in possession... the Poweramplifier, wich is a big help in defense, and the Autodoc wich is a big help for boosting the health and armor of the attackers. With 17 minutes to go nB|doos makes his third cap of the match. 3-0 for nB.

While bYc was trying to steal nB's flag with a few quad and grapple attacks nB|doos managed to make a cap again with 14 minutes remaining on the clock. 4-0 for nB. nB|doos's fourth cap in a row. At this stage of the match bYc was very active on the midfield trying to control the quad but they couldn't prevent nB|doos of making his fifth cap... 5-0 for nB... 12 minutes to go... only one minute after his fifth cap nb|doos did it again... 6-0 for nB.

nB|doos opening the score for new Breed.
nB v bYc: 1 to 0
Halfway the match, with 10 minutes left on the clock, nB|doos managed to grab the flag out of bYc's base once again... nB versus bYc, 7 caps to 0... With 8 minutes to go bYc-Roc managed to grab nB's flag using the waterpipe as escape route with nB defender Salinas (aka nut5*BStealer) chasing him in an attempt to recover nB's flag with the Poweramplifier... bYc's flagcarrier Roc did some nice grappling in and out of the water on the midfield, driving nB|Salinas grazy... at the same time bYc-Spliff arrived on the midfield to cover his flagcarrier's "behind" :)... with success because he managed to frag nB|Salinas with the hyperblaster... nB|Salinas lost the Poweramplifier. With 7 minutes remaining on the clock and the Poweramplifier now in bYc's possession the match turned around a bit... bYc-Roc scored the first cap for bYc... nB v bYc: 7-1.

One minute after bYc's first cap bYc-Roc caps again... nB v bYc: 7-2 ... at this stage of the war nB's defence was a lot weaker because they lost the pamp and defender nB|Salinas stayed behind on the midfield trying to get hold of the quad and because of this all bYc-Roc grabbed nB's flag again... nB|Salinas managed to chase him all the way trough the water and bYc's waterpipe into bYc's base while damaging bYc's flagcarrier with the railgun... but he failed to frag him and got railed by bYc-RUF in bYc's base just after bYc-Roc made his third cap for bYc. nB v bYc: 7-3... bYc-Che did the same only a minute later. nB v bYc: 7-4 ... 4 minutes to go... bYc-Roc grabbed nB's flag, made it all the way back to his base, but just when he wanted to capture the flag he ate nB|Salinas's rocket. bYc-Roc lost the flag but nB|Salinas failed to return it because he got railed by bYc-RUF... bYc-RUF grabbed the flag and made the capture a second later with 3 minutes left on the clock. nB v bYc: 7-5.

In the final stage of the match, 2 minutes to go, both teams had each others flag... nB was 2 caps ahead of bYc and they changed their tactic into a more defensive one... most of the nB team pulled back into their base to protect their flagcarrier... preventing bYc from scoring... a few others of nB stayed behind on the midfield to cover the quad but they didn't make much attempts to recover their flag...

Final result: nB 7, bYc 5 caps.

nB|Salinas losing the Poweramplifier to bYc-Spliff.