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Warreport: Dutch Clan Bitches (DCB) versus Total Quake Addicts (TQA/100%)
Clanbase Dutch CTF Ladder - September 20 1999 - q2ctf1

In the opening fase of the match 100%Disintigrator tried his luck and grabbed DCB's flag. He carried the flag for 10 seconds but got fragged by DCB-MagicEup. During this opening fase TQA/100% got their hands on the Autodoc while DCB got their hands on the Poweramplifier, the Disruptorshield and the Timeaccelerator. Both teams battled on the midfield in an attempt to get the quad. In the second minute DCB-SuperCoW! took TQA's flag, grappled towards the railroom-exit but ate 100%Disintegrator's rocket before he reached the floor of the railroom. SuperCoW! just before he ate Disintegrator's rocket.
In the first ten minutes of the match both DCB and TQA tried real hard to get each other's flag... all attempts failed. TQA was still in possession of the Autodoc and DCB owned the Poweramplifier... the Disruptorshield changed teams once in a while and with 12 minutes of gametime left the Timeaccelerator was added to TQA's defence.    
Almost halfway the match, with 11 minutes on the clock, non of the teams made a capture yet... DCB-SuperCoW! did a new attempt to grapple towards TQA's flag but 100%Oma's rocket was already on its way... SuperCoW! landed on the flag together with Oma's rocket... Oma returned the flag once again. Only 10 seconds later SuperCoW! was back in TQA's base in another attempt to grab their flag... Oma prevented that again but... another 10 seconds later SuperCoW! was back... this time with 2 teammates... MagicEup and, with the quad, GekkeGerrit.    
100%Oma and 100%Maniac tried to defend their base but SuperCoW! already grappled away with the flag on his back. Quad powered GekkeGerrit got railed by Maniac while SuperCoW! was escaping with the flag via the main route. At the same time 100%Sunney managed to take DCB's flag... SuperCoW! was on his way to his base but ate Maniac's rocket a few seconds later... but before Maniac could return the flag DCB-GekkeGerrit picked it up and continued SuperCoW!'s flagrun... DCB-|SmokeY| returned DCB's flag by cutting Sunney in half with his chaingun... GekkeGerrit opened the score for DCB, DCB-TQA: 1-0, 10 minutes to go...
About a minute and a half later GekkeGerrit grabbed TQA's flag, made it all the way back to his base and made his second cap for DCB... 2-0.
SuperCoW! escaping...

GekkeGerrit with quad.
After some unsuccessful cap attempts of both teams 100%Disintegrator finally managed to do a good flagrun resulting in a cap for TQA, DCB-TQA: 2-1, 6 minutes to go on the clock.

In the final fase of the match DCB capped two more times TQA non.

Final Result: DCB versus TQA, 4-1.
Disintegrator made the only cap for TQA.