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[*] BWQ3L-CTF Season 1 Complete
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[*] Q3 Cheat Invisibility Cheat/Hack Article & Demos
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BWQ3L-CTF BarrysworldQ3League CTF Season 1 Complete

Season 1 ended this week with some great games and perhaps some unexpected winners. EQ and JAMS had looked favourites to take the Division 2 title, but a stuttering finish by both meant that Wanted Dead scooped the Division 2 top spot. EQ finish 2nd, with JAMS 3rd. In Division 3 it was a 3 horse race again, with 2T winning the crucial game against UTI to take the title by just 2 points. Cx finish in 3rd.

Overall the season went well after some initial problems. As more and more clans decided whethere Q3CTF was their cup of tea or not a few did drop meaning that there were more than expected defaults, however this has been symptomatic of various Q3 leagues.

Season 2 wil be starting in a cppl or so weeks, all clans still active will be re-entered unless they request not to be. If you wish to join the league go here: [ Sign Up ]


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B W Q 3 L - C T F
Season-1 Champions

New World Order (nEo)

Wanted Death (WD)

Two Tribes (2T)

Original Gangstas (OG)


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Q2CTF Benelux Cup Spring 2000

Au v TQA: 25-1 - (ctf1/sumactf6)
Q2CTF1: 'Till the 11th minute of the game it was still only 1-0 for clan Gold (Au)...'
SUMA6: 'Wasn't very interesting...'

A matchreport written by Baal can be found at ClanBase here: [ report ]
[admin]Baal : TQA played a very good first map, but couldn't repeat this in the second.

Q3CTF Benelux Cup Spring 2000

PDL v ED: 6-3 - (wctf1/ctf3)
wctf1: 'PDL win by 3 to 2...'
ctf3: 'PDL win by 3 to 1...'

Score shots made bij admin Nealz can be found at ClanBase here: [ shots ]
Match demos can be found at ClanBase here: [ demos ]

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Q3 Cheat Q3 Cheat Q3 Cheat Q3 Cheat

Quake3 Invisibility Cheat/Hack Article & Demos by

There's a new cheat/hack being used in Quake 3 that renders the user invisible and off the scoreboard, and eliminates any effects, such as rail trail or a projectile.
by - Jody 'CaliGirl' Robinson -

'What they also found alarming is that this hack can be used on pure servers'
- -

You can read the article and download demos here: [ Article ]

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Non Euro CTF Competition news Competition news Competition news Competition news

thursday april 27 reports

OGL Q3CTF Briefs - by Caitiri @

On the open ladder:
Large Scale Destruction lost #10 to Elite Strike on Courtyard Conundrum. The server hit the capture limit at 8, but LsD declined to play out the remaining time.
deoxyribonucleic acid defeated The Seven to take over #35 and have challenged 43 Degrees for #31.
pure Venom remained undefeated at 6/0 as they took over the #32 spot last night from Urban Legends
Clan RAM has challenged Population Control Inc for #47 and will play tonight at 9PM EDT

On the HPB ladder:
voodoo people play No Way Out tonight at 9PM EDT for #1 Q3CTF - West CTF Showdown Finals Tonight! - by Caitiri @'s CTF Showdown finally comes to a close tonight in the western division with Elite Strike taking on #1 seeded The Untouchables at 1AM EDT. UT is heavily favored to win, but ES surprised a lot of folks by beating eXtreme Domination in the semi-finals. There will be QTV for this match, either done by Teamplay or by gamepig; we will post the IP later this evening as we know more information, or you can stop by #gamepig on

Q3CTFL First Matches Tonight! - by Caitiri @
The q3ctfl, a double-elimination tourney, kicks off tonight with two matches, both in the east division. First up is Pure Venom against gibbering idiots at 9:30PM EDT. Old time Q2CTF players will recognize pV; they've just recently gotten into Q3 and are moving up rapidly on the ladder.

The other match is between The Peacemakers and The Knights of Ni, a last-minute replacement in the tourney. They're set to start at 10PM EDT. Stop by #q3ctfl on for match details and QTV IP addresses.

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