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ClanBase CTF Ladder

Dutch ladder:
DCB versus X: 11-3
KfK versus 666: 10-6
REX versus GenX: 1-1 clan reports

BWCTFL - The Final
BarrysWorld Capture The Flag League


What a corker of a match. It seemed like BBC were going to walk it over wtf! after the first half score of 17-8, but wtf! fought back hard to take the second half 13-5. Therefore BBC win Season 2 of the BWCTFL by 1 capture (22-21). Congratulations BBC.



      OGL - European Open CTF Ladder
           VSE Defeats BBQ, VSE new #1


VSE v BBQ : 3-2
Map: q2ctf2 Stronghold Oppsosition

VSE moves up in the ladder from 7 to 1
BBQ moves down from 1 to 2.

It was a close and exiting match. The map (ctf2) was played 15 minutes on eDome and 15 minutes on the TnX server. On eDome the result was a draw in caps (1-1), VSE had ONE frag more then BBQ.

On the TnX server cross-steals dominated the match. A lot of quad and FC hunting. This match ended with 2 to 1 caps in favour of VSE.