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[*] Hall of Fame Skjalfti2|2000: clan Ice (q3ctf)
[*] ClanBase CTF Q2/Q3 matches
[*] ClanBase CTF Q2CTF Cup POLL

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ClanBase Q2CTF Cup soon
Play-Offs (Spring 2000)

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup May 22-28:
Play-Offs (Spring 2000)

Savage League Break
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Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF May 28/29:
Season-2: Week 3

 [Hall of Fame]

Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added clan ICE to the * Hall of Fame * !
ICE won the Icelandic Skjalfti2|2000 Q3CTF Tournament... Congratulations ICE ! :)

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *


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Iceland Skjalfti2|2000 Iceland Q3CTF ICE Victorious !
- by Ebola

Clan ICE won the Icelandic Q3CTF Skjalfti2|2000 Tourney held in Reykjavik in the weekend of May 20/21. ICE defeated PhD in the final... PhD is second.
Every year there are 4 Skjalfti tourneys held in Iceland in wich all the Icelandic clans come together and compete in Quake3 (used to be Q2). This time (Skjalfti2|2000) there were over 250 attendees. Iceland's biggest clans were all there sporting their strongest teams. (CTF, DMtp, 1on1).

Related clan links: Clan ICE - Clan PhD

Agustkr from clan Ice has put up 9 spectator demos from the big screen at the skjalfti|2|2000 tourney: [demos]

A Little More On SkjŠlfta2|2000...
   - by Caitiri @
If you are curious about the SkjŠlfta2|2000 Icelandic tournament that happened over the weekend, they've now put up the [brackets] for all the games played.

More SkjŠlfta2|2000...
   - by tyl3nol @ challenge-eu
It turned out to be very exciting. Many games went into sudden death but in the end ICE came out of the losers bracket to beat PhD twice in very even matches, taking the whole thing. Very impressive performance by ICE, who only lost once all tournament (they lost to clan K, but came back to beat them in sudden death).

Iceland Q3CTF


ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

Q2CTF Benelux Cup - Spring 2000

Q2CTF Cup CB Column by Hippy©
One clan I have to give a compliment and that is clan NEXUS. They lost all their matches this season but what I saw in the last matches they played was a great improvement I think and hope that they are back next season and if they keep improving their teamplay and CTF tactics i give them a big change in the second leage next season.
Read the full column at ClanBase here: [Hippy's Column]

Q2CTF Cup... POLL: Who will reach the final ? - Ebolalala -
ZP will meet NO and Au will meet DTF in the play-offs!
To refresh your memory here are the poule winners and their results:
Poule-A: (1) ZP (2 wins) - (2) DTF (1 win /1 loss)
Poule-B: (1) Au (4 wins) - (2) NO (3 wins / 1 loss)
Note that results versus clans that left the cup are not included ! (poule-a)

The number 1 of each group plays against the number 2 of the other group in the semi-finals. (ZP v NO / Au v DTF)
The winners play for the title (final), the losers play for third place.

Q2CTF Dutch Ladder
NO v TQA: 10-5 - (ctf1/ctf5)

Q3CTF Cup - Spring 2000

NuT5 v II: 20-3 - (ctf2/wctf2/ctf3) - Report at ClanBase: [ report ] [ demos ]

Q3CTF Cup Play-offs... First match played...
NuT5 made it to the Semi Finals by defeating clan II !
-     CTF2: NuT5 - clan II: 12-1
- WCTF2: NuT5 - clan II: 7-1
-     CTF3: NuT5 - clan II: 1-1

The quarterfinals matches (week of May 22 - May 28):
E versus raGe - - ]II[ versus NuTS - - Cx versus AU - - AOS versus WD

Q3CTF Dutch Ladder
AIE v PDL: 4-2 - (ctf3/wctf1)

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Who will reach the final?

Au & ZP
Au & NO

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