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ClanBase CTF Ladder

Dutch ladder:
FBI versus RiP: 12-2
REX versus QiT: 26-0
7DS versus GD: 14-3



7DS v GD

7DS^Isildur protects the flagcarrier in GD's base.
      UK Savage 3tCTF League took off

Division-1 (3tctf1: First Contact)
BBC v eXe v NKVD : 8-2-2
NKO v DS v Rv : 3-11-1

Division-2a (3tctf1: First Contact)
CO v QTS v RSC : 0-0-9
RSI v LE v TJD : 6-4-5

Division-2b (3tctf1: First Contact)
GnA v PR v YWN : 6-4-3
SR v AFC v TD : 0-0-0

For more details: UK 3tCTF League
Shot of the match from Division-2b
GnA v PR v YWN

A demo is available of this match
Savage Super Sunday Cup
........ UNR wins the Cup !

UNR met HC in the Final... to go head to head over 2x40 mins games on q2ctf1. In the end UNRs DM skills just proved too much for HC with great Quad and Tech control making the Difference.

Savage Super Sunday Cup

Savage UK