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Reports from the European QuakeCTF front


[*] Hall of Fame Q3CTF SavageUK & Barrysworld
[*] BWQ3L-CTF Chopstick Ninjas Champions !
[*] SavageLeague Q3CTF: Clan E Champions !
[*] NSL Q2CTF: Germany v United Kingdom
[*] ClanBase CTF Summer CUPs on their way...

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[*] CTF Observer at

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* Updated the 'Match Reports' section...
* Added CN and Clan-E to the Hall of Fame...
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Upcoming League Rounds

ClanBase Q2CTF Cup Summer Cup

ClanBase Q3CTF Cup Summer Cup

Savage League Q2CTF Next Sunday (July 16)
Season 10: week 4

Savage League Q2 3tCTF Next Sunday (July 16)
Season-5: Week 3

Savage League Q3CTF Break
End of Season-1

Barrysworld BWQ3L-CTF Break
End of Season-2

Summer Break

 [Hall of Fame]

Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame   Hall of Fame

European QuakeCTF * Hall of Fame *
- by Ebola

I've added clan CN (Chopstick Ninjas) and Clan E to
the * Hall of Fame * !

CN won the Barrysworld Q3CTF League...
Clan E won the SavageUK Q3CTF League...
Congratulations CN and Clan E ! :)

The winners of the lower divisions of both SavageUK and Barrysworld are also added to the list...

You can find the Hall of Fame * Here *


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CN wins BW Q3 CTF div 1 - by [CN]PloP
We managed to win both maps over Cx and take the lead. All though NEO still needs to play their final game they can't reach us now. I'm not sure if they will get a chance to beat the crap out of us in the next BW season, depends a little on maps and rulez of the league but we'll see about that. So i guess a "danish" team can make it in foreign leagues with out getting raped too much, all though we have a lot of sick & twisted swedes now since allmost all the danish cunts left.
Can't help feeling a little funny about this league victory cause we lost out to neo in our match early in the league but hey..... i think i'll get over it quite quickly =)~~

Savage Q3CTF Div1 Champs - by whez - Clan E
Our last game against SS was delayed due to the M2 Lan taking place last weekend and we'll be playing SS on Wednesday.
Savage Q3CTF Season1 is now over with this extra week for games that haven't been played..just ours and maybe 1 more clan i think.
We've played some tough battles, in contrary to the stats but we're dead proud we did this well. We've worked hard as a team.
Our thanks go out to the Savage admins along with Slave for running a smooth league and to the other clans that made this season exciting.
Lastly thanks to my clan mates for their constant input, and being reliable :)=

Related clan links: Clan CN - Clan E

July 9 2000



July 9 2000


United Kingdom


BWQ3L-CTF BarrysworldQ3League CTF

Chopstick Ninjas Champions !
Season 2: Replays... ('week 10')

Most of the titles have now been won and lost, but there are still several promotion / relegation issues to sort out and the last week of the season sees all the games postponed from previous weeks completed.

The Winners we do know of currently are:

Division 1 & Overall Champions - Chopstick Ninjas (CN)
Division 2 - Original Gangstas (oG)
Division 3A - The Unfettered Monkeys (UNF)
Division 4 - Red Army Clan (RAC)

The Week 10 schedule is a bit confusing, if you have any questions feel free tomail me.

Rankings: You can find details of who goes where in the
Tables and Fixture sections on the BWQ3L-CTF site.

Next Season...
As for Season 3, well there are a few things to sort out before that happens. The main areas we need to assess are the points system, the maps and how prizes, when introduced, are spread across the league.

Season Demos
During the course of this season FlameTop and other match admins have been recording some demos. You can find these by going to (ftp bwq3ctfl) If you have any demos that you wish to put on the BarrysWorld ftp space, please upload them to the incoming directory on the same ftp and we will move them to a publically available location on the ftp site.

- [BWQ3L-CTF]Admin -

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Savage League   Savage League   Savage League   Savage League   Savage League

SavageUK Q3CTF Clan E Champions ! - by [savage]Slave

Yep .. even without playing their game against SS (to be played next week), Clan E are now season1 div1 SavageUK Q3ctf Champions! ..

With only an amazing 2 caps against them over the whole season Clan E stormed ahead from the begining with their cap difference ending up double that of nearest contenders Clan pod who took the 2nd spot one point ahead of Clan EED in 3rd place.

I'll be doing a full run down of the divisions over the next couple of days with news of the 'SavageUK q3ctf Super Sunday Cup' as soon as we have the signup page ready to go.

Next week is a rest week, which will give clans time to play outstanding games due to postponments, with the following week (23/7/00) the start of the Cup. The Cup will last 2 weeks with Season2 following on the 6/8/00.

Finally I just want to say well done to all the clans in the q3 League ..
It's going from strength to strength and I'm really looking forward to Season2 :)

Savage League

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[Savage Q3CTF]

NorthSeaNationsLeague   NorthSeaNationsLeague   NorthSeaNationsLeague   NorthSeaNationsLeague

NSL North Sea nations League

NSL Q2CTF - Germany -v- United Kingdom
Week-Round-2 match - by Ebola

Germany (DE) v United Kingdom (UK)
DE v UK: 5-9 (ctf1/ctf2)
(ctf1: 5-3 germany / ctf2: 0-6 united kingdom)

Demos: CTF1 | CTF2
A full NSL-Observer match report can be found [Here]

Upcoming matches...
The NSL is having a Summer break at the moment... after the break season-1 continues with week-round-3

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About the NSL...
The NSL (North Sea nations League) is an online QuakeCTF league in where Nations from around the North Sea area are invited to compete... a Q2CTF competition is currently running and the NSL might be expanded in the near future with a Q3 CCTF competition... maybe even a normal Q3CTF league...






ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

Q2/Q3 CTF Summer FUN CUP's

The ClanBase Q2/Q3 CTF Summer Cups are on their way with the first matches played yesterday...
You can find the reports and the demos at ClanBase : [ Q2CTF CUP ] | [ Q3CTF CUP ]
- Ebolalala -

Our initial plan was to just skip the Summer season because many clans can't have a complete team all summer long. Meanwhile we've decided to have a Summer season after all, but to fit the mood of the season these Summer Cups will be 'fun cups'. The goal is to provide opportunities to play some quality matches even during the summer without worrying much about who's playing and who's gonna win.

ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF   ClanBase CTF

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