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Savage League CTF         New Year Cup 2000

[BBC] Big Bastard Clan
wins final against
[genx] Get Even Not eXterminated
and win the Cup

Savage New Year Cup 2000 (shot: genx v bYc)

The New-Year-Cup formula:
5 Rounds, Knock-out system. 6-v-6 (max 4 lpb's).
No Techs. CTF5, CTF2k1 (maps without quad).

Round-1 / 30 minutes ctf5

BBC v CO: BBC win
bYc v genx: 4-4
(genx win on frags)
SS v PS: x-x
(default win SS)
CK v SPKs: 6-4
AFT v CGA: 7-0
Hg v UKLD: 15-1
YWN v WKB: 11-3
CTFr v GnA: 31-0
HC v LD50: 5-3
Rv v QID: 6-2
ROK v AngryAngels: 11-1
TJD v UKSG: 17-0

Clans who get a bye to next round:
THC, eXe, TF, UKF.
Round-2 / 30 minutes ctf5

BBC v THC: BBC win
genx v CTFr: 7-6
SS v TJD: 14-0
CK v ATF: 5-2
UKF v YWN: 11-1
TF v Hg: 17-2
HC v eXe: 4-0
ROK v Rv: 3-0

Capture Showdown
Quarter Finals

BBC v HC: 7-1
genx v UKF: 11-3
SS v TF: 5-4
CK v ROK: 2-2
(ck win on frags)

40 minutes One game- q2ctf2k1

BBC v SS: 12-4
genx v CK: 12-6

BBC v genx: 11-8

Darclomons Altar

What a funny weekend this has been, loads of brilliant stuff, including : b0rging GenX lost :)

Grrrrrrr Blufftrash... Grr !
K, About the cup... I only played the first round against bYc. This was a exciting war, like a final really, tension until the last minute in wich bYc evened the score (4-4)... I made 3 caps, [genx]Flight made the other one :)
K, The Final... to bad we lost it. Congratulations to BBC for winning the * New Year Cup * !

[genx v bYc] (round-1)
[genx v CTFr] (round-2)
[TF v SS] (quarter finals)

Savage League